Yvonne Fondenes shares honestly about the past:

Yvonne Fondenes shares honestly about the past:

In May, TV 2 news anchor Yvonne Fondenes (41) was able to welcome her first child into the world. She shared the news herself on Instagram.

“Finally we got to meet our girl. We are head over heels in love with the little nurk, exhausted and have never been so happy,” wrote the new mother to a picture of the baby, who she could also reveal had been named Fey Caspara.

That’s why he moved away from his girlfriend

When Dagbladet met the mother of one during TV 2’s 30th birthday party earlier this month, she was able to reveal that the little girl is named after her great-grandmother. The 41-year-old described her as “a kind and calm baby, who sleeps all night”.

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– It’s the coolest and most wonderful thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. It’s so lovely and nice, I love being a mum. I should have done it a long time ago, but I had to find the man with whom I want to have children. We are having a good time.

Told about the past

The TV profile’s daughter has been long-awaited, and despite the fact that the new parental role can be both tough and tiring, she is enjoying the period she is in.

– In the first weeks, it was all about just gathering sleep and getting through the day. But I don’t want anything. I’m 40 years old and have had a child now, I’ve sort of made a career, I’ve been out and about, so now I’m just going to be a mum, explains Fondenes, and adds:

- I was born a woman

– I was born a woman

– So I’m not in a hurry, I’m just enjoying it.

The news anchor nevertheless went several rounds with herself before she chose to become a mother. Previously, the 41-year-old shared honestly about his own childhood, which was characterized by a violent father.

In a chronicle for TV 2, Fondenes shared a strong story from his own life.

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“In the middle of the night before a school day, I wake up. Mum stands unsteady and drunk on the living room floor. She tries to say something, but she can’t. The lip is cracked and swollen after a blow. The eye oozes and is so swollen that she is unable to open it. The skin around the eyes has dark blue patches, congealed and dripping blood from open cuts. The hair on the head is torn right out of the scalp. Where her fair hair should have been, there is a bald patch. She has been shamed by her father. Again”.

- Of course it's sad

– Of course it’s sad

As a nine-year-old, she had to keep control of the chaos, and cover up the secret that unfolded behind closed doors. Fondenes tells Dagbladet that openness has had its price.

– Telling and being open about that story has cost quite a lot. It has cost me a lot, it has cost my mum and my family. They think it’s tough every time I talk about it.

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During the parental leave, the TV 2 profile travels around the country and talks to child protection services, the police and those who meet vulnerable children on a daily basis.

– Even though it has cost a lot, I know it is worth it.

That’s why she wanted to share

There have been many thoughts in the 41-year-old’s head before she chose to share her personal story with the public.

– My father is dead, so no one knew about this until I told them, only my mother and me. So I have destroyed the remains of a man who has died, says Fondenes.

Opens up after the divorce

Opens up after the divorce

– And he was much more, too. He wasn’t just a man who drank too much and beat mom yellow and blue. He was much more too, he was a funny, nice, wonderful guy. It has been a big dilemma for me, I feel it every time I talk about it, “should I really do this?”.

She nevertheless concluded that there was an important story to tell.

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– But there is something about that if I have the voice I have, and if I can contribute to one child not having the childhood I had, then I think it is worth it.

– A lot to work through

Her past has shaped how she wants to be a mother.

– I am very conscious of what we should not do. When we are with our baby we should not drink alcohol, it should be a safe upbringing. I’m looking forward to skiing together and doing things together as a family, because maybe I missed that a lot when I was little.

Shares candidly: - Is so heavy

Shares candidly: – Is so heavy

– Has it made you think about whether you want to have children yourself or not?

– Absolutely. It is probably one of the contributors to why I had children so late. Because I experienced that I myself had a lot that I had to work through in order to be a good mother, explains Fondenes.

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– I honestly believe that I would not have been as good a mother in my thirties as I think I can be now, because I had my own things that I had to work through.

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