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Yakuza 6 Song of Life was the first game created using the Dragon Engine. The chronological tail of Kazuma Kiryu’s story is noticeably smaller compared to previous entries, and future installments will be: gangster pole 2Despite this, it also had unique features such as a leveling system. This time, players earned different colored points for each action. Red is for strength, blue for agility, yellow for spirit, green for skill, and purple for charm.

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Some activities earn points faster than others, such as how to earn purple points faster in mini-games. However, the most effective way to accumulate enough points for upgrades is to eat a lot of food at a restaurantHowever, just getting a bunch of old items isn’t enough. The game rewards players with bonus XP for certain food combinations, with some combinations offering more points than others. Here are the best in games and what they offer:

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8/8 Sushi Gin: The Ultimate Sushi Gin

Unless otherwise noted, all the best restaurants for a hearty meal are in Kamurocho. For best results, players should upgrade Kiryu’s hunger gauge and digestion to create more room for food and focus on emptying each one faster. to empty the hunger gauge manually.

It will come in handy. The Ultimate Sushi Gin Combo fills that gap by 75%. You can earn 126 green points by purchasing Kiwami Set, Goku Chirashi, and Goku Kaisendon. Sushijin is a good place to prioritize pigouts, as they can be some of the harder points to earn compared to others.

7/8 Classic Yakiniku “Kanrai”

Yakuza 6 Food Combo - Kanrai

This Korean BBQ restaurant is featured in almost every entry in the series. Yakuza Studio seems to love Calvi. Their best combo, the yakiniku staple, has the most points. If you order salted tongue, ribs, or sirloin, you’ll get 100 red points, 85 blue points, 70 yellow points, and 72 green points.

It’s in favor of redpoint, but it’s making pretty good money overall. However, it uses his 80% of the hunger gauge, leaving little room for other manipulations. But after a few upgrades, Kiryu should be left with enough room for a little extra between his AppStim chugging.

6/8 I suddenly eat steak wildly

Yakuza 6 meals platter Ikinari steak

If red points are prioritized, the player will not fail the combo of eating wild with a steak suddenly. That’s a lot of meat and a lot of XP. It offers 165 red points, 50 blue points and the rest is champ change.

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All good combos fill up a good chunk of your hunger gauge, but few get as big as this. Without upgrades, one serving will fill the gauge. If players don’t plan accordingly, they suddenly have to make do with lighter options for steak.

5/8 Ikinari Steak Fulfilling Lineup

Yakuza 6- Best Food Combo

Ordered tenderloin steak 200g, salad and soup. Aside from sounding like a more balanced meal, it’s also more cost-effective than Eating Wild Combo. There is room for

The A Solid Lineup provides 125 red points on its own, but is less significant in other stats. It’s only slightly smaller than Eating Wild and requires less upgrades and less AppStim. So if a player needs to grind and doesn’t have a lot of money to burn, A Solid Lineup is a solid option.

4/8 Ringer Hut: Veggie Lover

Yakuza 6 Food Combo - Ringer Hut

If suddenly steak-worthy beef makes vegetarian readers nauseous, don’t worry, RGG Studio has options for them, too. Combine veggie soups to create a veggie rubber combo.

Not only does it sound like a healthy and nutritious dish in real life, but it also earns players a fair amount of green points. Just filling his 75% of the hunger gauge gives 119 blue points and he gives 76 blue points. Considering it’s only slightly cheaper than The Ultimate Sushi Gin and easier on the yen, it’s not a bad deal.

3/8 Osaka King Spicy Combination

Yakuza 6- Best Food Combo

A mix of Szechuan dandan noodles, prawn chili sauce and mapo tofu will also fill you up. This is not surprising as it sounds delicious. However, they are also great at accumulating yellow points, offering up to 140 yellow points per serving.

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This is useful for upgrading Heat Actions, as well as Kiryu’s other abilities such as Hunger Gauge, Alcohol Tolerance, Boost Sprint, and Clan Member Growth. You may earn enough yellow points to give yourself enough room to add a dish or two of

2/8 Sushi Zanmai Tuna Licious

Yakuza 6- Best Food Combo

If you really have to, Sushi Zanmai, another fish restaurant in Kamurocho, offers a cheaper fish alternative to Sushi Jin or Ringer Hut. A tuna-licious combo was born from the special tuna rice bowl and tuna zanmai, earning 96 green points and 80 blue points.

It’s fairly small and economical. With only 60% of his hunger gauge filled, there’s room for another combo or his second helping after an upgrade. Once the gauge expands to 120% of her, players can fit in her two servings of Tunalicious before having to worry about her AppStims.

1/8 Jumangoku Chinese noodles

Yakuza Six Meal Combo Jumangoku

As mentioned earlier, there aren’t many restaurants in Onomichi that offer enough XP. La Pente’s original course menu is 50 purple points, which is not as good as Kamurocho’s Bantam 30-year deep 68 purple points. Neither offer as much a return on investment as regularly chatting with Anri Okita online.

The best place to blow your nose for points is Jumangoku Chinese Soba. Large Onomichi Ramen and Large Cheshire Onomichi Ramen offer Kiryu 100 Red Points per serving. Otherwise you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way. Complete substories and defeat thugs.

Yakuza 6 Song of Life Available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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