What the Travel Industry Thinks Will Be 2023’s Hot Destinations

Well, it’s 2023. For some, the New Year is a time of resolution. For others, it’s time to consider travel plans, whether revisiting a favorite destination or venturing out to a new place. It’s been a little difficult because the pandemic is affecting us in so many ways, right down to national policies regarding health. And while the pandemic isn’t over, most travel restrictions have come to a conclusion.So what does 2023 have in store for travelers?

Washington Post‘s Natalie B. Compton spoke to a host of travel industry experts to get a sense of this year’s top destinations. One of the biggest names to come out is Japan, which recently reopened its borders to international travelers.

The consensus among experts Compton interviewed was that Italy would again see a massive influx of foreign tourists, and the article noted that Italy is a country with a wide range of tourist attractions, from prominent sports teams to stunning nature. It combines many destinations that are attractive to travelers. (One assumes the current season. white lotus It didn’t hurt anything. )

Destinations that will attract attention in 2023 are many places that will be visited by many tourists in 2022, such as Mexico and Egypt.of director It also reports that demand for travel to Morocco and the Galapagos Islands is likely to increase this year.

There doesn’t seem to be too many surprises on the list — it doesn’t come as much of a shock that people enjoy traveling to picturesque places with plenty of cultural destinations to visit while there. However, tourism has been hit hard by the pandemic in recent years, and any form of resurgence would be welcome.

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