What the 49ers and Raiders Had to Say Following #SFvsLV

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On his mindset when playing close, Christian McCaffrey said:

“I just try to stay as calm as possible. Those games are so much fun. Every win is a team win and we will continue to improve, make mistakes and capitalize on what we do well.”

McCaffrey explains why winning close quarters was important to the team.

“I don’t know when I’ll be in a game like that again. Obviously I want to blow all the teams out, but that’s not realistic in this league and we need to be put through a fight test. Then, You know how to react so you can find and find your way and gain experience under pressure. I think that’s the biggest thing going into the playoffs. Glad I got it.”

McCaffrey on the impact of wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk on the 49ers’ win over the Raiders:

“Beast mode. He went full beast mode on the last drive. That’s who he is. He’s a beast. What he does is special. Buck was great because we needed him and he showed up.”

Wide receiver Brandon Ayuk’s thoughts following Week 17 victory:

“We are still working and trying to keep building. Every week we see what we can improve and work toward the ultimate goal.”

Aiyuk on the historic 49ers-Raiders rivalry:

“This is the first time I’ve ever played the Raiders in a regular season game, and it’s a January 1 game, so obviously it’s a big game. He punched me. “I don’t know” he said he didn’t know how serious the rivalry was. I realized it could be deep… It was so, so, so much fun to come here and come out victorious when it wasn’t so pretty. “

Tight end George Kittle won the close fight:

“I love to win by 30 points. But check your pulse. It’s a defining moment.You want to win every match.In any situation, one way is possible.The pressure makes it more fun.I love that stress.Watching people gather 20 points up…but if it’s just going back and forth, that’s a good time.”

What linebacker Fred Warner learned from the Week 17 matchup:

“Adversity makes people stronger. And we’re as tough as they are. We’ll see if it gets better.”

Warner said of what Purdy showed him in the game against the Raiders:

“He showed me who he was all along. He was exactly what we needed in that position and he made a big step up. Enough about Brock and the way he plays.” We have to give him big time for the rest of the season.”

Quarterback Brock Purdy walks away with a win:

“Coming into an environment like this you feel it at the end of the game. The crowd is in a frenzy, so you have to go out and perform and do your job. Prepare offense and defense. I feel it’s great in terms of ‘, just a special team, the whole unit. It was nice to get us ready and prepared for what was about to come. “

Purdy on offensive success:

“It goes back to all the playmakers we have. People like Christian McCaffrey, George Kittle, Brandon Ayuk, Jauan Jennings, Ray Ray MacLeod III. If I don’t All you have to do is trust them, trust the game plan and just give them the ball.”

Purdy on the amount of 49ers Faithful at Raiders Stadium:

“There were a lot of points in the game where you didn’t know where you were. Home or away? But overall, the Niners move well. I think they’re better than anyone in the NFL.” It’s crazy…a great game overall, both fanbases were there, but you gotta love the 49ers fanbase.”

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