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On Monday night, Venus moves from cautious Capricorn into free-spirited Aquarius, where it will remain for most of January. Creativity and the unusual and unfamiliar will carry a charge of excitement. You need someone willing to grow with you to honor and encourage your curiosity, originality, and thirst for exploration. ) sets the tone for the days ahead. Whether it’s healing emotional wounds or understanding what makes you happy, the inner work you’ve been doing is paying off. So which projects are you ready to finish and what worries are you ready to release? Where do you go from here?

These days, you care about making decisions with clear intentions.As you know, some seasons of life are for taking it easy and others are for looking before you leap and holding on to what you have. don’t let the world get that too Orderly. Plans can be disrupted, expectations thwarted, and unexpected new people, ideas, and energies can enter your life. If this sounds frustrating, you don’t have to. Remember that you have an innate ability to maintain balance and even find joy in our strange and changing world.

Emotionally, you are ready for new beginnings and unfamiliar experiences. You seem to be repeating the same interactions and emotions over and over again. Nevertheless, change is underway. Your inner world is evolving, slowly but surely changing the world around you. Every time we are faced with echoes from the past, repetitions of what we have seen before, we have the opportunity to respond differently and try new strategies. Even if you can’t see it all the time, you’re always moving forward.

At the beginning of the new year, there is always pressure (both inside and outside) to commit to big projects, plan your ideal future for yourself, and envision complete transformation. Sometimes that kind of thinking can be fun and productive. However, this week is likely to be stressful and fruitless. Instead of worrying about making drastic changes, you may find it more rewarding to focus on what is achievable. Just do your best to be kind, helpful, and have fun in the everyday ways you can when you have time.

You can read wherever you are. People don’t always have the words to say what they want (especially in moments of pain or conflict). The problem is that if you’re constantly looking for hidden messages, you may see things that don’t actually exist. Remember to assume with a grain of salt this week. Other people’s feelings for you may be different than you fear.

you are sensitive An unruly comment can get deep into your head and stay there. One rude remark can create lasting resentment. This is not a criticism!Regardless of what was intended, your hurt feelings are valid and you are under no obligation to forgive and forget. your life worsened. This week we have an opportunity to let go. For your own sake, release as much bitterness as you can. You start the New Year lightly for it.

Your hard work rarely pays off in the way you want it to. Admittedly, external validation isn’t everything. A job well done can be its own reward. Sometimes you need more than that. I would like to see tangible results. I want everyone – my boss, my colleagues, the world at large – to recognize how much I contribute and how valuable my work is. There probably won’t be a big breakthrough this week, but it’s getting closer.

You give your friends great advice. He understands how people think and act, and has a strong sense of justice. As a result, you can help others resolve thorny personal issues and respond when they have been wronged. I’m not smart. Own thing. And this week you will inevitably fall into chaos. You may not be sure if you’re wrong, or you may not know how to mend a frayed relationship. If you find yourself there, think about what you would say to someone you love if they were in your place. For once, accept the advice you offer others.

Every day, you need a structure that defines the boundaries of your world and a routine that guides you. You don’t need endless possibilities. The very concept stresses you out, rather than taking your burden off your shoulders. Your routine doesn’t weigh you down.

While others like to have a strict plan, you like to be loose. No one knows what the future holds. So try to stay open to new possibilities. You need a space that embraces exciting opportunities as they come along and the freedom to say yes to the invitations of the moment. Overall, this works well. But this week, keep in mind that you don’t have to wait for adventure to find you.You are an active participant in life. You have the power to make a difference. Use this.

Sometimes you think you can be happy without telling anyone how you feel. Being vulnerable is dangerous and you don’t trust people to treat you kindly. or don’t care at all. But this week, if you feel like it, take a risk. put it out you’re glad you did Even if we imperfectly express ourselves or are imperfectly understood by others, the connection is still valuable. Plus, you can’t keep your emotions locked up forever. Instead, experience a moment of liberation.

you are not the solver. Too imaginative, too sharp intellect. I can’t help but figure out how to improve my community, the whole world. The problem is that when big plans go awry, you feel stupid and embarrassed. It means you don’t have to give up ambition or creativity to find satisfaction in life.

These days, I can’t seem to get it right. There’s always a chore you forgot to take care of, a wrong comment, or a stroke of bad luck that throws a wrench into your plan. Everyone else seems to be managing just fine so I imagine there must be something wrong with me. But it’s not. we all struggle. Believe in yourself a little more. You are doing much better than you think you are.

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