We were actually all a bit stressed

We were actually all a bit stressed

This autumn we will once again follow the energetic and close-knit “Funky” family in the fourth season of the TV 2 series “Funkyfam”.

The series gives an insight into the everyday life of one of Norway’s most popular families, and two of the most central to the victory are Jørgine Massa Vasstrand’s (33) younger brothers, the twins Silas and Emil Massa Vasstrand (24).

This is what you need to know about “Funkyfam”

The brothers, who often go by the name “Funky” twins, were among the celebrities who appeared on the red carpet for TV 2’s gala dinner in Bergen last week.

There Se og Hør had a chat with the twins about the newest season of the TV 2 program “Funkyfam”.

WHO IS THE BEST: program “Den beste Funkytwin” Emil and Silas Massa Vasstrand should finally decide who is the best of them. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Luna Lea/ Red Runner
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– Exciting

– There’s a lot of new things. We have new faces, girlfriends, we have never had that before. I don’t know, but I feel we get better and better every season and that it gets easier to get to know us. So I would say this is the best season, Silas admitted to Se og Hør.

The celebrities shone on the red carpet

The celebrities shone on the red carpet

In February, Vasstrand’s younger brothers revealed that they had both got girlfriends. Emil has found happiness with Sanne Margrethe Solberg-Jünge, while Silas is with Ilia Marie Stenersen.

According to the brothers, the lovers think it’s exciting to be part of the series, but the twins still admitted that they were a little nervous ahead of recording.

KLEINT: There was a tense atmosphere when Jørgine met the girlfriends of Emil and Silas in “Funkyfam”. Video: TV 2 / Red Runner.
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– We were actually all a bit stressed about how they turned out when the camera was on. Do they get a little petty or say stupid things that they will regret? But they have been much better than me and Emil were in the first season. We were miserable, Silas said.

This is what she says about her rival

This is what she says about her rival

– Reflects reality

Although the brothers have now become more used to the TV cameras following them around everywhere, it still happens that they see themselves on TV and think that things could have been done differently.

– Sometimes I think: “Damn, I should have dressed up one day”, said Silas, while Emil added:

– In one episode we look absolutely terrible. We look like outliers, but it’s going well. That’s what happens when you’re filmed so much.

ON THE SCREEN AGAIN: It’s the premiere of the fourth season of “Funkyfam” on TV 2 PLAY, and we’ve had a chat with Morten Sundli and Jørgine Massa Vasstrand about a bit of what we’ll see this season. Video: Luna Lea. Reporter: Nora Skavhaug.
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The twins were also able to emphasize that what viewers see on the screen reflects reality.

– If it had been fake, you would have seen it. What you see on the screen is how we are, the brothers told us.

- It doesn't always work out

– It doesn’t always work out

– Take it easy

Although both have captured the lady of their dreams, the twins’ time as cohabitants is not quite over yet.

– We still live together. It’s a bit cramped with 50 square meters for four people. So maybe we can buy something bigger, said Silas, before Emil added:

– The scary thing is if we move apart now, it will be the last time we live together. Because now we are adults enough that we are not moving back again, so it is a bit scary to take that step there. Now we have lived together all our lives.

HOUSE TOUR: Rød Løper has rummaged through drawers and cupboards at “Funkytwins”. Reporter: Luna Lea. Video: Thea Hope/Red Runner.
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– You can’t find a better roommate than your own twin who knows you inside out. There are never small situations. A hell of a lot of arguing, but we’re used to that, Silas admitted.

The brothers also agreed that it is a bit too early to move in with their girlfriends yet.

– We take it easy.

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