Washington Commanders are officially eliminated from the playoffs; Projected to have the 15th pick in the draft

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This has been a rollercoaster season in many ways for Commander Washington. From QB performance to defense to all-important team records. Washington won Jacksonville in Week 1 against the Jaguars, but then dropped four games. Carson Wentz broke his pitcher’s ring finger in a Week 6 win over the Chicago Bears and was sent to the IR.

Taylor Heinicke stepped in as he was on duty for the third year in a row. The defense cut dead weight (Williams-Jackson III) and also added a healthy Brian Robinson Jr. to the lineup. Washington went from being one of the worst teams in the league to the team that defeated the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football. Washington went on to win three straight games and two in a row, though lost to the Minnesota Vikings.

With Taylor Heinicke at the center, Washington went 5-1 before reaching the Giants-Bye Week-Giants game set, and then it all fell apart. They tied the Giants in Week 13, but had a bye week to stay focused on the same team. They were still in control of their own destiny as they headed west to face the red-hot San Francisco 49ers. Washington lost, but so did most of the other teams competing for the same #7 seed in the NFC.

Amazingly, the Washington Commanders were in control of their destiny as they prepared to host the 6-9 Cleveland Browns. The last one can join if he wins two games. Pretty simple. Had they won and the Lions, Seahawks and Packers had all lost, they even had a chance to earn that last spot in his NFC playoffs today.

Washington were flatter than usual and the team opted to return to Carson Wentz after benching Taylor Heinicke in the fourth quarter last week. immediately appeared to be blown into Ron Rivera’s face after he threw the A 21-play touchdown drive to close out the second quarter made the game more manageable and actually gave them the lead in the first half, which the Commanders fit his football mold last month and allowed Washington to score his 21st. We won 3 to 3. Carson Wentz threw another pick and the offense looked anemic.

The Lions defeated the Bears, 41-10, and the Green Bay Packers defeated the Minnesota Vikings team, 41-17. Ron Rivera apparently didn’t know Washington could be eliminated today, but that’s exactly what happened, and he’s preparing to host a pointless final home game against the Dallas Cowboys. With the Eagles losing to the Saints today, Dallas will play for the NFC division title and hopes have rested the starters. is irrelevant for now.

Ron Rivera is finishing his third season as head coach and is guaranteed no championship record. Year three was supposed to be a big year for Rivera’s team’s transformation, but it started again and fell through.

So now, as we look to April’s NFL Draft, we eagerly await news of the team’s sale by owner Dan Snyder. , we have to assume that Ron Rivera is the head coach with GM authority going into the 2023 draft. (second round). Washington will send a third-round pick to the Indianapolis Colts to complete the trade for him. Wentz’s injury saved him a second-round pick that would have been lost had Wentz played more than 70% of Washington’s snaps this year.

Washington’s 2023 nfl draft picks.

Round 1 – #15

Round 2 – #47

Round 3 – (traded to Colts for Carson Wentz)

Round 3 – (Brandon Scherf Compensatory Pick)

4th round –

Fifth round –

6th round –

Round 6 – (Tim Settle Compensatory Pick)

7th round –

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