Virginia should stick with clean cars law

Virginia State Police pipes and drums lead the 138th Virginia State Police Academy class of graduates to their graduation ceremony on Friday, December 30, 2022 in Richmond, Virginia. Video by Alexa Welch Edlund/Times-Dispatch

Virginia Should Stick to Clean Car Laws

Last week, there were several articles about bills slated for a 2023 plenary session that would eliminate the requirement that state Air Pollution Control Boards implement low- and zero-emission programs for new vehicle sales. This requirement complies with California standards and supersedes the guidelines set by the Clean Air Act of 1963. While this guideline was valid at the time, it is now inadequate to protect today’s air quality.

Currently, Virginia states that after 2025, new vehicles available in Virginia will be either low-emission vehicles (hybrids with internal combustion engines assisted by either electric or battery components) or zero-emission vehicles (all-electric). is obliged to do so.

Concerns about these vehicles include a lack of charging stations statewide, unreliability, and high costs. Not enough time to increase the number of public charging stations for fully electric vehicles in the state can be a legitimate concern for long-haul travelers. But home charging promises to remain the primary source of supply for most owners, and the latest technology now offers up to 500 miles of charge-free driving. For those who prefer a petrol vehicle for long journeys, there are options available while adhering to low emission laws.

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Maintaining current legislation also promises to increase the choice of zero-emission vehicles to buy in Virginia. In 2022, the availability of these vehicles was so low that Virginia residents had to shop out of state to opt for a fully electric vehicle.

Joining the other 17 states in acknowledging that internal combustion engines emit significantly more carbon dioxide than hybrid and all-electric vehicles and leading efforts to address the risks that fires are revealing, It’s also the feather in our hat. of fossil fuels.

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