Travelers Swear by These Vintar Power Adapters

One of the things to think about when traveling to a new country is how to charge your cell phone, laptop, hair tools, and other devices. It may sound like a small thing, but if you don’t plan ahead, your charger won’t fit in the available ports at your destination and you’ll be off-grid until you find a compatible charger. The news is that a set of Amazon Choice Vintar International power adapters retails for just $17 and travelers are calling it a “life saver” after garnering over 8,500 perfect ratings.

This 2 pack of outlet adapters has 4 charging ports each, 2 USB slots and 2 traditional American outlets. The best adapter for European travel is suitable for up to 3750 watts, allowing him to efficiently charge four devices at once. One thing to note is that this charger is not suitable for use in the UK, Ireland or Scotland.


To buy:, $17 (originally $22)

With its lightweight and compact design, the Portable Cube fits easily in your carry-on and is readily accessible once you reach your destination. Equipped with an LED indicator, the device will tell you when it’s powered on or off, and it also offers a Type C plug format, making it compatible with outlets in various EU countries.

Flight attendants and frequent flyers alike swear by using this adapter for their travels, and one customer said: [but] Getting a second outlet is well worth the cost. Another shopper traveling in Europe said, “I loved the addition of two USB slots so I could charge everything I needed.” It was called a “necessary item for traveling to Europe”.


To buy:, $21 on site coupon (originally $27)

When staying in accommodations with minimal plug options, travelers swear it’s also a great option for having more space to charge your devices. One customer wrote that he “needed this” on his last cruise because “the cabin only had one plug in the cabin” and “one plug is never enough”. Another user added, “It’s great for traveling to all countries that use C plugs,” adding, “At the airport, he charged me $30 for one adapter with one USB port. I will,” he pointed out.

Traveling with a variety of electronic devices and a large group of people can also be a sticky situation for outlets, but shoppers swear these adapters solve the problem. It was perfect for our trip to Iceland, especially with all the phones, cameras, and other tech gadgets that need to be plugged in,” he adds.[the] The multipack was great for the other 6 people traveling with us. ”

Having the right technology and gadgets for your trip is essential to enhancing your overall experience. These flight attendant-favorite adapters are one of the first things you’ll pick up when preparing to head to Europe. 2 packs are now on sale for his 25% off. Alternatively, for just $21 he can buy a pack of three adapters.

Pricing at launch started at $17.

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