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Marietta, GA — The temperature is dropping and I need to protect my pipes at home.

Many homeowners make a common mistake when they find pipes frozen in their home.But Michele Newell on Channel 2 I learned that it is very easy to prevent pipes from freezing.

One of the many things homeowners should do is keep their thermostats set to the same temperature during the day and night.

If you haven’t winterized your home, you need to winterize it now to prevent your home’s pipes from freezing, says David Stein of Dupree Service Plumber. Open the cabinet to circulate the air. Then drain the water.

“It’s a good idea to go around every sink shower or tub in the house and leave it open just a little bit at night, as it drops into the single digits,” Stein said. It’s just a little stream to keep the water moving, to prevent it.”

Stein says outdoor faucets should also be checked.

“Open the hose bib to drain any remaining water in that pipe through the shutoff and prevent freezing from entering the house,” Stein said.

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Marietta’s Dupree Plumbing said she’s already busy.

“We got a lot of calls saying they went out looking for a leaky faucet or a broken pipe,” says Stein.

Dupree’s crew is loading the service van with everything they need.

“We make sure all vans are ready to load with enough pipes and other materials needed for the job,” Stein said.

They have a plumber on call throughout the holiday weekend.

“As this cold snap continues, it will be interesting to see what we face in the coming weeks,” Stein said.

If you’ve had a frozen pipe, many companies can help you out this weekend.

Dupree Plumbing has plumbers on call. We also have a 24/7 answering service.

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