The VW Beetle Could Come With an Ancient In-Car Coffee Maker

Photo of a pale blue VW Beetle with a wooden roof rack.

We can’t confirm or deny whether this Beetle hides a coffee maker.
Photo: Volkswagen

Is there anything more festive than driving down the highway? gingerbread latte Why not put it in your cup holder and fill your car with a pleasant, festive scent? I don’t think so. And insufferable hipsters like me might make a similar beer at home. Locally roasted beans and manual espresso makerthis is not for everyone.

That means most of the beers on your road trip may be sourced from drive-thru coffee shops, or worse, Burger King. But what if I told you there was a solution to all of this aging VW heart coffee problem?

I agree. Called the Hertella Auto Kaffeemaschine, in 1959, it was the pinnacle of interior luxury.

according to drive in australiaI was able to order a coffee maker to fit inside a 1950s Volkswagen Beetle and clip it to the dashboard. Once there, you can step away from your car electronics and have fresh, piping hot coffee delivered to you at all times.

But how does it do this? drive succeeded in tracking Someone owned one of these rare coffee makers a few years ago, and it’s a fascinating machine.

Basically, it works like a kettle when you plug it into your VW’s cigarette lighter. When you put coffee grounds and water in the pot, it heats the water with a 6v or 12v power supply. Once hot and brewed, there is a small tap to decant the coffee into your favorite cup.

This steeping method of brewing coffee is a bit like making cowboy coffee over a fire in a pot, but a little less rustic. Why don’t you try it?

Of course, there are plenty of new in-car coffee makers you can try out today, but they don’t all have the same appeal. aeropress is always the best How to make coffee on the go. or blip.

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