The Most Important Tip For Serving Food On A Himalayan Salt Slab

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Although it appears (and many people believe) that blocks transfer a significant amount of salt into food, this is simply not true. No, so you need to season what you put on the block with salt. The same goes for foods that are moist when served with a slab of salt. In addition to gaining more salt, Saltworks says that serving thinly sliced ​​meat or fish on a plate of salt can actually start to harden the water-rich protein if left for a period of time. Therefore, the degree of seasoning and the length of rest on the salt block will vary depending on the type of food.

Regardless of what you’re serving, Just Cook recommends chilling the salt block in the freezer for a few hours and letting it rest for about 30 minutes before serving sushi, cheese, fruit, or vegetables. Doing this will make your eye-popping centerpiece more functional and even more impressive.

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