The Electric Car Year In Preview: 2023

All and their siblings are writing review stories for 2022.sitting around a hydrogen fueled fire pit clean technica High on a mountaintop with a view of Kathmandu, Zachary and the usual gang of idiots started thinking we should spend the whole year preview This article focuses on where the electric vehicle revolution is expected to head next we decided to do sit down schwitz in the clean technica Sauna heated with geothermal energy. After about 20 minutes of that stupidity, we came up with the following.

Electric vehicle tipping point

Malcolm Gladwell made the term “tipping point” part of popular culture. Tipping Point — How small things can make a big difference. He defines tipping points as “moments, thresholds, boiling points of critical mass,” suggesting that “ideas, products, messages, and actions spread like a virus.”

According to the Kelley Blue Book, electric vehicle sales accounted for 5.6% of new car sales in the US in 2022. ponder the information, CNN business “It may not sound like much, but as recently as 2019, that figure was just 1.4%. Based on experience, a 5% market share appears to be a key tipping point for wider adoption, with similar trends seen in other markets such as China and across Europe.

“It’s unclear exactly why 5% seems to mark the point where EV sales really take off. is about the same as the market share of electric vehicles. cox auto, Buying a Hyundai doesn’t seem strange or unusual. Electric vehicles are becoming the same. It is no longer uncommon to see them on the street, making it easier to consider buying them. “

We’ve had this discussion for years. The more people start driving electric cars, the more common they seem. Even commercial vehicles can contribute to this trend. After all, an Amazon or UPS driver might end up driving an electric delivery vehicle for the day and find that the clatter and squeak of the internal combustion engine they drive to work isn’t very pleasing to their ears. Hmm. They may discover that regenerative braking actually makes driving more enjoyable and less stressful. You may say that you should

Some people describe it a little differently. Instead of talking about tipping points, we’re talking about what’s called an S-curve, a logarithmic graph that reflects change over time. The early stages are largely flat as some intrepid early adopters try something new: microwave ovens, mobile phones, electric cars. In the second stage, growth picks up rapidly as new ideas gain general acceptance.There CNN I think the electric car market is now.

people of auto blog Agree. “Nearly all automakers, whether legacy OEMs or start-ups, have launched a number of impressive EVs for the 2023 market. More affordable new models are expected next year, and the number of new EVs hitting the market is expected to increase as new factories come online. and EV startups will produce up to 400 new models by 2023.”

Software-defined electric cars are coming

“Software-Defined Vehicles” auto blog General Motors will launch Ultifi, an end-to-end vehicle software platform that promises over-the-air software updates, cloud connectivity and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Ultifi enables drivers to purchase apps, services and features. It’s an example of how automakers are looking to cater to individual needs and increase subscription-based services in the car, said Will White, co-founder of Mapbox, his map provider online. . “We will continue to see strong demand for convenient services such as in-vehicle payments, where consumers register their credit card on the app to make all vehicle-related payments.”

Jaguar Land Rover, Nio, Polestar, Volvo, and XPeng have announced plans to build software-defined vehicles on Nvidia’s Drive Orin system-on-a-chip. In 2023, automakers will also rely on his Nvidia Omniverse platform to revolutionize everything from vehicle design to the automotive product cycle. This will enable automakers to build digital twins of both their vehicles and production facilities to simulate everything from in-vehicle software upgrades to crash tests to factory efficiency.

electric vehicle forecast from forbes

people of forbes This year, we predict that Tesla may actually release a fully self-driving version that actually works as advertised. [Don’t hold your breath, people.] Last year, their prediction of a $25,000 car from Tesla didn’t come true. That won’t happen in 2023, they say now.

But what they are sure of is an electric car model coming from Asia. It says cars from BYD go to Norway where the ground is thick. Chinese car companies like MG see EVs as a way to completely beat the Western car market. BYD Atto 3 is also popular in other countries such as Australia.

Hyundai Motor Group already has some excellent electric vehicles, including the Hyundai Kona EV, Ionic 5, Kia Niro EV, Kia Soul EV and Kia EV6. Then there’s the Genesis GV60, GV70 Electrified, and Electrified G80. But there are many more coming in 2023, including the bold Ioniq 6 and the revolutionary Ioniq 7. forbes.

“The EV revolution is a story of disruption,” says Forbes. “But it’s not just what drives the wheels that has changed. It’s going to be cheaper than an internal combustion engine, an EV, and it’s going to be a great year.”

of clean technica See 2023

look into the crystal ball we are here clean technica We have some predictions of our own. First, with the federal his EV tax credit kicking in, expect electric vehicle sales to surge in the first quarter, especially for cheaper cars like the Chevrolet Volt/EUV twin. Our only hope is that GM has enough production capacity to meet demand. Finally, people will stop worrying about range and start enjoying driving with electronics instead of molecules.

Tipping Point, S-Curve — both send the same message. The era of electric vehicles has finally arrived. When the history books are written, 2023 will be the year they say the EV revolution has triumphed.


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