The 800-HP Aehra SUV Has The Largest Car Interior Screen In An Electric Vehicle Yet

Electric vehicles have become the norm to some extent. Every manufacturer is going electric. Whether it’s an electric SUV, an electric sedan, or whatever, we’ve got it all. One thing to note is that in the era of internal combustion engine cars there was a wide range of choices. Variety to meet every need, from Corolla to Bentley.

the world of Electric car, but we’re not really that far yet. They are electric cars and that’s it. Nothing different from what we are used to. In a world where all electric car makers compete for more horsepower (or kilowatts), Italian manufacturer Aehra is about to offer the most luxurious electric car. Starting with his Aehra SUV with its ultra-premium build, interior with the biggest screen of any EV ever made, and not to mention his 805 horsepower.

Aehra SUV will have a retractable XXL display


The interior of the Aehra SUV is top notch. It has the largest touch screen ever seen in an EV, located to the left and right of the dashboard and spread across the interior. Aehra keeps all his eggs in one basket. It’s digitization. Yes, while driving, it is stored in the dashboard, showing only essential information about the digital cockpit and navigation. This also includes the rear-view mirrors, which are also displayed in each corner of the dash. The Aehra SUV’s exterior doesn’t really have physical mirrors, just a bunch of cameras.

When you stop the SUV, the main screen expands and transforms into a large display like a home theater. Aehra says this is just one of many applications for screens. However, this is not the only screen in the cabin. In the middle is another screen that controls multiple functions of the air conditioning and other entertainment systems. The Aehra SUV is said to be equipped with cutting-edge ADAS technology that will enable fully autonomous driving in the future.

The next screen sits on top of the steering wheel, which eerily resembles the shape of a Tesla model and its yoke. This last screen shows information about speed and charging status. Seats in the Aehra SUV have plenty of legroom due to the long wheelbaseHe four or he five.

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Aehra SUV is the creation of Italdesign and former Lamborghini designer

Aehra SUV Front Cinematic

The Aehra SUV design features sentimental, aerodynamically sophisticated Italian design. For this purpose, former Lamborghini, Audi and Italdesign designer Filippo Perini was hired as design manager. In his SUV, Aehra employs the cab-forward design idea first realized in the automotive industry with the 1975 AMC Pacer, long before the term “cab-forward” existed. In addition, the Aehra model should have an attractively designed interior, surpassing competitors’ offerings.

The Aehra SUV is about 16 feet long and 5 feet tall. They showed a crossover model with flowing lines and his four doors that open upwards electrically. The body rigidity is increased by leaving the B pillars. The front and rear light signatures rely on thin, horizontally arranged LED lights. It has a long 10-foot wheelbase, a very low front end, a typical cab-forward passenger compartment set far forward, and very short front and rear overhangs. The Aehra SUV has a basic Italian design.

A free-flowing design should be expressed above all in excellent aerodynamics. The SUV has a more muscular look thanks to 23-inch front and 24-inch rear lightweight alloy rims and 285/35 tires. Aerodynamics are further improved by an active front splitter and active rear diffuser, and the external mirror cameras are minimized.

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Aehra SUV features up to 816 HP and 500 miles of range

Aehra SUV Back Prototype Cinematic

The foundation of all Aehra models is a future-oriented battery platform technology that offers at least 500 miles of range and outstanding performance. For the Aehra SUV, it specifically shows 550-600 kW (748-816 hp). Aehra’s developers have not yet decided on a specific battery or motor supplier, so the exact power output is yet to be determined.

It’s also not yet clear whether the car will have two, three, or four motors. Of course, the system’s performance is more than enough to accelerate his two-ton Aehra to speeds of around 165 mph, thanks to its consistently lightweight construction.

Aehra has incorporated its electric drive technology into a stable and ultra-lightweight carbon fiber monocoque chassis. However, Aehra does not want to rely on its own system to manufacture the vehicles, but rather to have them manufactured by a partner of its choice. Presumably, they also build vehicles in Europe, but not directly in Italy, where the Italian calls the price range of the Aehra SUV between $160,000 and $180,000. Initially, it will launch all his Aehra models in the North American, European, Chinese and Gulf markets.

Spec sheets all look good. But will it match our expectations and the developer’s promises? We’ll have to see when the Aehra SUV will be released in 2025.

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