Tesla’s $25k Model 2 car expected to be unveiled in 2024

TSLA analysts at Loup Ventures believe the Tesla Model 2 will be unveiled in 2024.

“Tesla will wait until 2024 to announce the Model 2,” Loup Ventures said in its 2022 forecast letter.

“If a company announces a lower price[d] “If we sell cars too soon, we risk slowing Model 3 sales while ramping up production capacity at a time when we expect a broader auto industry recession,” Loup Ventures said.

The venture capital firm expects Tesla to provide a preview of the Model 2 in early 2024 and start production of the new electric vehicle design in mid-2025..

Tesla Model 2 details

So far, only a few details have been announced about the Model 2. However, Tesla has not confirmed these details.

Elon Musk set some goals for a new electric car model that Tesla might focus on while developing the Model 2.

first, Model 2 price target is $25,000Second, the Model 2 can be either a compact or a subcompact car. This is a popular design in Europe and Asia.

Tesla China is reportedly working on a Model 2. Chinese media have published reports indicating that Model 2 development has already begun. 2022 speculation indicated a tentative release date for the Model 2 in 2023.

The name of Tesla’s $25,000 compact/subcompact vehicle has yet to be officially announced. The terms Model 2 and Model Q have been used to refer to upcoming electric vehicles, but Tesla hasn’t confirmed the monikers. During a virtual appearance at his B20 summit in Indonesia in 2022, Elon Musk was asked if Tesla would name his upcoming entry-level EV the Model I. Musk neither confirmed nor denied the name. Instead, he said a more economical car made sense.

Tesla already has a busy schedule for 2023. model 3 mods, possible Model Y updates, and Cybertruck’s first production ramp at Giga Texas.of Tesla Cybertruck It may be a priority for Tesla in the first half of 2023.

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Tesla’s $25,000 Model 2 car will be unveiled in 2024

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