Tesla Plunges 250 Feet Over Notorious Stretch of Highway 1 in Calif., 4 in Critical Condition ABC7 News @abc7newsbayarea Video: On Monday morning, a Tesla fell from a height of about 250 feet off a cliff along Highway 1 at Devil’s Slide, killing an adult. Two people and two children were seriously injured. To those involved in CAL FIRE.

ABC7 News

Four people, including two children, were in critical condition after the Tesla fell from a height of 250 feet off a cliff known as Devil’s Slide in California.

On Monday, fire officials shared a video from the Twitter profile of the San Mateo-Santa Cruz unit of the California Fire Department, informing local drivers that their vehicle had gone over a cliff, causing delays in the area.

“At the moment, we have four seriously ill patients,” he said in footage from the scene, adding that the Tesla fell “about 250 feet down the side.”

The two people in the car were minors, he continued.

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The agency later shared a clip of the helicopter hovering over the water and tweeted: one patient was rescued and “carried to the top of the cliff by firefighters.”

The San Mateo County Fire Department did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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The four people in the Tesla were in the car for over an hour. ABC 7 cameraman at the scene.

Officials at the scene said the children in the car were aged 4 and 9, according to KRON4 in San Francisco.

Their identities have not been publicly revealed along with the adults.

California Highway Patrol Officer Mark Andrews said all four were taken to a nearby hospital. San Francisco Chronicle.

It is not clear what caused their car to go over the cliff.

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When contacted by PEOPLE, CHP was unable to provide details of the incident immediately.

Devil’s Slide is located near Pacifica on Highway 1, the famous coastal highway. This route runs almost the entire length of California’s Pacific coast and attracts visitors from all over the world.

But this cliff has been the site of many deaths over the last 50 years. At least nine people have died in the area since a tunnel was built to bypass the most dangerous sections of the road to make the area safer. San Francisco Chronicle.

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