Temperatures continue to plummet across the central US as arctic air pushes south and east this morning

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Massive cross-country winter storms are causing temperatures to drop dramatically across the central United States as Arctic air rushes south and east.

Some highlights:

Casper, Wyoming

(mountain time)

Within 18 hours from 7:40 am on Wednesday to 1:35 am on Thursday, the temperature dropped to 70 degrees.

7:40 am Wednesday: 28 degrees.

Wednesday at 8:00 am: 3 degrees.

Casper dropped 25 degrees in just 20 minutes on Wednesday.

Thursday 1:35 am: minus 42 degrees

Thursday at 6:00 am: -35 degrees, wind chill of -76 degrees.

LIVE NEWS: Winter storms and cold snaps swept across America


(mountain time)

It dropped 65 degrees in 16 hours.

Wednesday at 12:58 PM: 50 degrees.

4:58 am Thursday: -15 degrees.

The biggest drop occurred on Wednesday, when the temperature dropped 47 degrees from 46 degrees at 3:58 pm to -1 degrees at 5:58 pm in just two hours.

Amarillo, Texas

(Central Time)

It dropped 42 degrees in 6 hours.

Wednesday at 11:53 PM: 41 degrees.

5:53 am Thursday: minus 1 degree.

The current wind chill this morning is minus 7 degrees.

Wichita, Kansas

(Central Time)

It dropped 36 degrees in 9 hours.

Wednesday at 9:53 PM: 34 degrees.

Thursday 6:53 am: Minus 2 degrees.

However, the temperature dropped only 20 degrees from 32 degrees to 12 degrees. one One hour from 11:53 pm to 12:53 am on Wednesday night.

Temperatures are still dropping and are expected to bottom out at around -4C late Thursday morning.

Kansas City, Missouri

(Central Time)

It dropped 30 degrees in 6 hours.

11:54 PM (Wednesday): 32 degrees.

5:54 AM (Thursday): 2 degrees.

Temperatures are also expected to continue to drop this morning, dropping to nearly minus 7 degrees Celsius by noon.

oklahoma city

(Central Time)

It dropped 34 degrees in 14 hours.

4:52 PM (Wednesday): 42 degrees.

6:52 AM (Thursday): 8 degrees.

The biggest drop was 23 degrees in just two hours this morning, dropping from 37 degrees at 2:52 am to 14 degrees at 4:52 am.

Temperatures are expected to drop to near 4 degrees late Thursday morning.

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