Styles P Celebrates 9 Years Eating Plant-Based Food

After nine straight years of eating exclusively plant-based foods, Styles P is celebrating a milestone on the road to healthy living.

SP jumped to Instagram on Saturday (December 31) with a post of a scale with the number 169.20 across the screen. Having lost more than 70 pounds since then, in his caption, Styles was overjoyed at the “easy scooping weight” and lighter legs.

“Today marks my 9th year on a plant-based diet,” Styles began. “I just did a three-week cleanse on December 31, 2013 and never intended to be plant-based. I’m proud of myself because I wasn’t healthy for a long time.

“I’m a scoopable weight now, but I feel so much better now, my feet are light for a vintage guy, and my nose for a light jogging-off game is cheering me on anyway. Happy New Year!” May you be blessed and prosperous.. If nothing else, make taking care of yourself a priority before us this year.”

He continued: We will do whatever it takes to assist you on your journey! Love is love and stays golden. ”

Some of Styles’ pals joined the celebration in the comments section, like Royce Da 5’9″, and Questlove said, “This is a great fellow. Keep it up.”

Styles P and Jadakiss launched juice shop Juices For Life in 2011 to provide healthy food options to underserved families. Later, he and his wife started a local health food store called Farmacy of Life, which offers several herbal his supplements to improve physical health.

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Over the summer, Styles P introduced fans to his workout regimen, which included variations on pull-up workouts, and in the video’s caption, being brolic doesn’t necessarily mean a person is automatically stronger. I was informed that it was not.

“#OPERATIONUNWASHED…they didn’t give it away. You gotta go get it!!!!!! #juicesforlife #farmacyforlfe,” Styles captioned the original post. “Don’t confuse being a Diesel with being strong and enduring…you have to work on everything.. mind, body, soul!! I’m here!!!”

In the second clip, Styles can be seen doing abdominal exercises such as lifting a medicine ball with his legs while hanging from a bar. The LOX rapper expresses the importance of taking your time instead of rushing your workout.

“#OPERATIONUNWASHED…., slow motion is better than no motion.. what are you waiting for? rice field.

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