Stolen guns from cars put further strain on Durham Police

Durham, North Carolina — When a gun is stolen in Durham, the story doesn’t stop there.

This means firearms are on the streets, often untraceable, and in the hands of criminals.

Sergeant Durham Police Department’s Community Service Department Michael Beale is one of the police officers searching for those guns to protect the public.

“These guns can be used in violent crimes, shootings and other criminal activities,” Beal said.

BeerHe, who is also a certified firearms instructor, said when a gun is stolen there is a wave of shock that strains an already understaffed department.

Fewer stolen guns “reduced the volume of calls, and police officers had to respond to these cases first.” Investigators could have focused more time,” Beale said. about other things

You can reduce gun theft. According to police, most of the stolen guns were left in places where they were likely stolen.

According to data obtained from Durham Police between January 1 and November 26, 2022, there were 331 cases of one or more guns being stolen.

Guns were stolen from cars in 56% of these cases. In 62% of these cases he had his car unlocked, meaning this is a highly preventable crime.

“It poses a major safety concern for our city and our community,” he said. Beer.

Beal also advises people to keep their guns in their homes, in safes, or locked up. Plus, he says it’s important to record the gun’s serial number.

“If for some reason their gun is stolen, we will make the serial number readily available and enter it into the national database to make tracking and recovery of the gun a little easier.” says Beal.

He also said that people who decide to surrender their guns because they no longer need or want them at home can have them delivered to the local police station.

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