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Welcome to Skift Research’s State of Travel 2022 report

The travel industry has never been more relevant than it is today. But it took mobility almost completely gone before the world realized how important travel is to the economy, to personal fulfillment, to the way we work, and to the way we socialize.

The travel industry has grown from just 25 million international trips in the 1950s to a whopping 1.4 billion in 2019. Before the pandemic, it accounted for nearly a tenth of his jobs worldwide. Travel is driven by international business and cross-cultural exchange. And then it all stopped. Not since World War II has the global travel industry fallen into the turmoil it has seen in the last few years. Covid-19 has almost completely stopped international travel.

But the pandemic has also created moments of introspection and innovation. As travel has become more local and national, reliance on ground transportation has increased, and people have moved away from crowds and crowded hotels, new patterns of behavior have emerged. People have started working from home and are able to travel more to accommodate more flexible lifestyles. Business trips have also returned to alternatives, as environmental and cost concerns put pressure on companies to consider how many trips Zoom could replace.

In this report, Skift Research draws on proprietary research and third-party data sources to chart a roadmap for travel into the future. Literally over 180 travel paths on this deck. Some parts of the world, and some travel sectors, have fully recovered and are experimenting with new modalities and modes of transportation. In other regions and sectors, the recovery has yet to begin in earnest. The report covers all major travel sectors and geographies, highlights the most important trends and provides insight into where the industry is coming from and going.

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in this report

  • Using proprietary and third-party data showing the impact of the pandemic on the travel industry and its performance since then
  • Data-driven insights into the current state of all travel sectors including airlines, hotels, short-term rentals, online travel, traditional travel agencies, multi-day agencies, tours and activities, cruises and car rentals.
  • Discussing key consumer trends such as the future of work, business travel, luxury travel and sustainable travel
  • Long-term factors underpinning the continued recovery of the travel industry

Skift Research provides travel industry leaders and their teams with unique research, analytics, and premium data tools to better understand the industry and the external forces driving change.

Our team uses financial and economic analysis and proprietary research data to support qualitative observations and travel-focused forecasts. We work with over 20 data partners across the travel industry to provide timely insights into sector and country performance.

40+ aimed at better understanding the external forces shaping the industry and the future of travel, combining broad industry experience, rigorous quantitative analysis, and access to executives from nearly every major travel company of comprehensive research reports can be shared annually.

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