Slip Ups on Field Mean No. 1 Seed Slides Away

Green Bay failed to convert a fourth down attempt with 6:32 remaining, but when Minnesota attempted it on fourth down, the Packers picked off Cousins ​​for a 75-yard touchdown.

The Packers’ next six possessions ended with a field goal, a touchdown, a field goal that bounced off the crossbar, a punt, a touchdown, and a touchdown.

A lack of success from Minnesota’s offense combined with an inability to stop defense gave Green Bay 41 straight points.

3. Turnovers, Possession Time, Rushing Yards

Most teams sign up for this line of stats from Aaron Rodgers before a game to seize the rest: 15/24 passing for 159 yards with one touchdown (Passer Rating 95.7).

However, by the time the team learned they were coming in by losing the turnover battle 4-0, going from 34:04 to 25:56 in possession time and allowing 163 net rushing yards, The deal will probably be off.

Aaron Jones tallied 111 yards on just 14 carries (7.9 average), becoming the first opposing player to record 100 yards on the ground against Minnesota this season.

AJ Dillon added 41 yards on 12 carries, including a 2-yard touchdown, and Rodgers’ only run was a 2-yard score for Green Bay’s final point.

4. Trash talk backed by physical ability

Packers cornerback Jaile Alexander called Jefferson’s 184 yards and two touchdowns against Green Bay in Week 1 a “fluke.”

On Sunday, he brought a physical, a taunt, and an unflagged late hit out of bounds into the matchup.

Alexander repeatedly obstructed Jefferson on the line and demonstrated physical prowess with the ball in the air.

Two plays after Minnesota stopped Green Bay with a Dalvin-Tomlinson sack, 4-1, Alexander touched the flying Jefferson multiple times. It was incomplete and the flag did not fall.

Alexander hit Jefferson “The Griddy” dance and taunted him after the play.

In the fourth quarter, Alexander made a tackle to end Minnesota’s third interception that was thrown before dove into Jefferson, who was down well out of bounds on the Packers sideline.

Jefferson seemed to suffer from scaffolding for most of the match β€” he wasn’t alone β€” and had his cleats changed during the game.

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