San Francisco wins in overtime

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(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

– Intercept! Kelly Haider threw in the air and Drake Jackson jumped into the air to score the first INT of his career. That’s a big play for the 49ers defense.

– A 43-yard field goal by Robbie Gould tied the game. Purdy missed a throw to Kittle on third down, but it looked like a shoulder mix-up that Kittle should have seen.

– Ray Ray MacLeod sighting! Jump 42 yards on a quick screen to a quick WR to set up the 49ers at Las Vegas 23.

– Oblique throw to Aiyuk. Purdy misses a few, but he’s tearing it up in big places.

– Another close to Purdy’s INT. Instead of a TD, they settle for a short field goal to make him 27-24, 49ers.

– Lenoir’s worst afternoon continues. He was Mossed by his TE Foster Moreau. This is a problem for the advancing 49ers.

– The 49ers defense needs stops, but they can’t. This is an easy task for a raider. They’re just big tight ends chewing up the 49ers’ secondary.

– There’s Lenore! He knocked out a third-down pass that was nearly intercepted by Hufanga and Tashawn Gipson. Bosa put the pressure on — he missed a few sacks in the second half.

-little by little. Daniel Carlson scored his goal on his 57-yard field and the Raiders tied the score at 27.

– Christian McCaffrey. Adults running away from him on a quick screen move 38 yards. He punched through a Raiders defender and gained tons of extra yards. It’s a great job to put the 49ers in scoring position.

– Jordan Mason! He scored his first career touchdown and put his 49ers up 34-27 with his 2:17 remaining. That was his second carry of the day, equivalent to 14 yards and a TD. Really great job from an undrafted rookie.

– A huge spot on the 49ers defense starting with a 21-yard completion to a wide-open receiver. Weft.

– Now Lenore is beaten by Adams with an incredible grab. In the biggest moment of the game he bites the 49ers again.

– Warner encountered path interference in the end zone. his ninth penalty of the game.

– Josh Jacobs for a touchdown with 1:11 remaining. The 49ers defense’s sad effort continues. Tie at 34.

– Purdy nearly threw a terrible interception. He issued a direct throw to the Raiders DB. A rookie mistake that shines after a long time.

– He backed it up with some very good throws to Aiyuk, who maxed out at 79 yards on seven catches and the 49ers are in Raiders territory.

– WOWWWWWW! Purdy hits while throwing and the ball floats and lands 11 yards in Ayuk’s arm. Unbelievable.

– Robbie Gould misses from 41 yards. we are going to work overtime

End of 4th Quarter: 49ers 34, Raiders 34

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