Ron Rivera Presser: “The toughest thing is solidifying the QB1 spot. That’s something we’ll continue to work on” Carson Wentz

Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera told reporters this afternoon. He stressed that his team is playing to win, but this doesn’t sound like it’s rookie QB Sam Howell’s turn. We’ll likely get his QB decision before Wednesday’s practice, but it could leak sooner.

Rivera spoke at yesterday’s post-game presser about his “little gaffe” of not knowing that a loss to the Browns and a win by the Lions and Packers could put Washington out. He said he didn’t expect them to lose to Cleveland, he expected a win, and expected the game with the Cowboys to be postponed to Sunday, making it a big game for the NFC playoff picture. However, the team was eliminated after three straight losses.

Rivera was asked about switching to Carson Wentz in the fourth quarter of the 49ers game. And a finger injury in Week 6 put him on his IR. Rivera went back to wanting Spark’s comment when talking about returning to Wentz. brought up a record of 0-2-1 for the starting team. to do things.

Rivera talked about the problems he has had finding QB1 since taking over the team three years ago. He said it was the only position he had to consolidate above all and the most difficult to consolidate. He also said that if Rivera is retained as head coach, they will continue to work on it so Washington can have another Week 1 starter for the fourth time in four years.

Rivera also talked about the problems the team had in replacing Cam Karl. Yesterday, he said the MRI had found “a little something.” Washington tried to replace Karl by the committee with players like Percy Butler and Jeremy Reeves. -Juste is out again and we also talked about Danny Johnson stepping up to make a few plays in his place.

Starting QB:

Play to Win:

Playoff Elimination:

We return to Carson Wentz as a starter.

Do you regret starting Wentz?:

“No, for me it’s always been about winning and it’s been in our hands. So we’re basically in control of our destiny and that’s the truth. Going 2 and 1 is probably what really pushed me more than anything, and that’s what I saw, and like I said, coming out of the final quarter of the 49ers game, I was relatively optimistic in terms of handling what Carson could do. But again, after 3 games going 0-2 and 1, I felt like I needed a little something is a decision that has been made.”

Find QB1:

“Well, I think it’s been the biggest thing since we’ve been here, and then the quarterbacks who’ve been here when we got here for the most part are keeping the putts. And the second year. brought in a veteran guy to try and get everything else in order and unfortunately he got hurt in the first game.Look at it this year, a free agent fit for us I think that was one of the things we felt we could do.Unfortunately it didn’t work now.I mean like I said, sit down We’ll talk and when it’s all over, we’ll get a chance to evaluate you as a staff member next week.”

Cam curl replacement:

“Well, it’s tough for those guys because there are certain things they want to do and certain ways of arranging other things in the game. I mean, some situational things we had to change. Yes, we tried to replace Cam by the committee and had another guy play the position he did play linebacker in that buffalo position some in the different positions we use in the box I played the DB of I don’t know if it was one of them, it was by the committee and they were very creative with what they were able to do with their cam abilities so Jack was a little slow moving And in Benjamin’s case, it’s a little stressful not having a top corner, but again, with Danny coming in, I think he played some pretty solid football as well. But some of the things Jack schematically wanted to do probably slowed him down.”

Progression of his time as head coach:

“Well, I think some of the things we’ve done defensively. I think we’ve got a great core and a great nucleus of young players surrounded by 100 veteran guys. So when you look at our skill positions, I think wide receiver and running back are two really good skill positions for us right now with young players who get better over time. I think you know what is, and I think they really stick together and really buy into the way Jack and the defensive staff use them.

I think we found a middle ground when it came to our safety. I think Jammin has done well. If we can get Cole back to health, I think that group will be a good tandem of linebacker and DB. Like I said, I think what we have is really a core of young players. The biggest thing I’m looking forward to is the growth of that group. “

Coach-centric philosophy went for him:

“I think the hardest thing right now is getting QB1 grounded. And that’s what we have to do, we got that question eight or nine weeks ago, what’s the difference? It’s a position.”

Post-bye week changes:

“I have a few. I’ve had a few ideas, but they’re definitely things we’ll discuss when we get a chance to actually sit down and evaluate them and discuss them.”

Permission to make changes in the event of a potential ownership change:

“I think so, but at the end of the year, when we’re done, I’ll definitely sit down with ownership intact and talk about this, about the organization, about direction, and what we can do.” to do. “

Worried about your decision to start QB Carson Wentz not going well with your team?:

“No, I don’t. I think I communicated my feelings and my reasons fairly clearly to many people. If there was a disagreement or disagreement, a man would come and talk to me about it.” I hope you do..but again, like I said, I did what I thought would help us spark a little bit and win and have a chance to get into the playoffs .”

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