Renault to Launch Racing-Inspired Sneakers With Digital NFT Twins

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French automaker Renault is gearing up to release its second sneaker collection in web3.

Inspired by the company’s Renault 5 Turbo model, the new “Racing Shoe5” series will feature 960 physical pairs of limited-edition sneakers, each connected to a “digital twin” NFT as a piece of 3D artwork registered on the blockchain.

According to Renault, the shoe’s corresponding NFT will give access to an exclusive meet up with the brand designers at Renault’s Research and Development Center, as well as a dedicated and customizable merchandising collection.

For the limited-edition sneaker collection, Renault is offering six unique designs including five inspired by the company’s R5 Turbo 3E show car, and one developed in collaboration with the web3 R3NLT community.

Each sneaker is made from eco-responsible materials, including LWG (Leather Working Group) certified leather and features design nods to the car. These include a rear slope that evokes the cars’ chassis, and interior inspired by the cars’ upholstery and shoe laces resembling seat belts. The collection includes 160 unique pairs per model, a nod to the R5 Turbo’s 160 horsepower, Renault said

What’s more, the car company placed an NFC chip into the shoe’s tongue. Scanning this chip will trigger the recovery of a second NFT; a certificate of authenticity in the form of a “digital passport.” Renault said that this passport contains the shoe’s unique identity card, as well as details on its composition, materials, and production history.

Each pair, accompanied by its corresponding NFTs, will be sold for 265 euros. Renault is granting early access to the drop to fans and members of the R3NLT web3 community starting May 15. Those who pre-register will have access the next day, and the public sale will commence May 17 on the website.

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