Pre-filed bills in Missouri could give free food to students

Laclede County, Missouri (KY3) – Two pre-submitted invoices may provide students with free meals during class in Missouri.

Dr. Rachelle Jennings, Superintendent of Joel E. Barber Elementary School, said:

Schools now offer free breakfast to students thanks to state budgets, but parents of smaller schools are not allowed to pay for their students unless their children are on a free or reduced lunch program. I have to pay for lunch.

“Prior to COVID, we were giving students free lunches.After that, we would no longer be eligible for CPE status, which is the community eligibility rule.So it had to stop. “We’ve had a lot of parents that we’ve had to help in situations,” Dr. Jennings said. And when we stopped seeing it after COVID, we had to go back to charging our families for lunch. I needed to help families in need.”

The two bills submitted are from opposite sides of the aisle. Democratic Senator Angela Mosley’s bill would have provided free school meals to students who asked for them in any public school.

I’ll create a “Universal School Meal” fund to pay for it, but I don’t know how much it will cost.

Republican Rep. Brian Seitz’s bill would provide free breakfast and lunch to all public school students.

The bill doesn’t say where the money will come from. Dr. Jennings says the money should come with an approved bill.

“If we had to provide it, our current budget would not be able to afford it. Yes, I would love to have a program that allows me to do that,” said Dr. Jennings.

The legislative session begins at noon on January 4th.

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