Practice 1/2 – Kings “took it up” today + Fiala Through 41, Arvy’s Apples, Injury Updates

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The LA Kings reconvened here in El Segundo this morning for a practice day ahead of tomorrow’s (apparent) national showdown with the Dallas Stars. Tomorrow’s game is a return to the old ESPN+/Hulu broadcast. This means that for the first time since the win over Edmonton in early November, crews from all over the country will be featured.

Lined up in a similar fashion to Saturday’s game against the Flyers, there are no obvious changes for the Kings today. His four players rotate on row four, with the arrangements listed below.

Byfield – Copter – Kempe
Iafaro – Daneau – Arvidson
Fiala – Risotto – Biraldi
Lemieux – Kupari – Grundstrom – Anderson-Dolan

Durji – Roy
edler walker


Today’s skating was able to be “turned up” a bit by McClellan and the coaching staff during practice.The Kings had an afternoon game on Saturday and yesterday was a complete off day. That schedule allowed us plenty of recovery time. So today was a more intense workout. It was a good day for the Kings today without it massing in the middle of a compact and busy January.

“I worked on practice today because I can,” McClellan said. “We’ve had the luxury of being in our own beds every day and had a complete day off yesterday. Energy levels should feel good for everyone. Sometimes you need to clean everything up, so pick up today.” I thought the practice was good, I was active, I had questions, I tried to work on some things that I thought I would need not only for tomorrow but also for the next segment.Overall a good day Let’s see if that translates into a good effort.”

Note –
Fearless Loud Forty One
Tomorrow’s game against Dallas marks the official halfway point of the 2022-23 season, the Kings’ 41st game of the season. That means it’s also the official halfway point for the team to add Kevin Fiala in the big offseason.

Fiala was what the Kings believed they got when they traded a first-round draft pick and a touted defensive prospect over the summer. They lead the team in points, and are on pace for 76 points in 82 games. Compared to last season in Minnesota, Fiala’s assists are up, his goals are down, and his points total is just short of his 2021-22 record. Still, 55 assists and his 76-point projected total are Anze’s copter’s heart, the most in a season by a Kings player since his trophy was nominated for his 2017-18 season, and at least the team It is no exaggeration to say that it was part of the whole. Increased scoring and power play rate.

In that regard, Fiara lives up to its claims.

I think Kev has been a great addition to our team,” McClellan said this morning. I think he’s been a great addition because he’s a big threat when he’s on the ice. I would love to have him.”

If there’s one area McClellan hopes will improve in the second half of the season, it’s about utilizing Fiara in all situations, on both ends of the ice. Either way, in a one-goal game, the Kings want to use him and other talented attacking players with confidence to hunt down a deficit or be able to hold onto their lead. Going into the trenches will make these games more and more popular in the second half of the season, hopefully into the postseason.

“Where will the second half go? I don’t think so.”

That’s what McClellan and Fiala were talking about earlier in the season, and it will come to pass as the player and team continue to grow together. He will continue to grow aggressively as he continues to impose his own game on . It has to continue. All parties are confident that it will continue to happen.

“By bringing him in, I can get what I haven’t gotten in a long time, so I have to meet him on the way.”

We’ll find out more about Fiara and his current linemates Blake Risotto and Gabe Bilardi tomorrow, including what Fiara went through four periods with two individuals.

arby’s apple
A stat shared on LAKI last week concerned Viktor Arvidsson’s impressive level of primary assists compared to the NHL’s best playmakers. Compared to nearly everyone, Arvidsson compared favorably.

Among NHL regulars this season, Arvidsson is second only to Edmonton’s Leon Draisaitl and Tampa Bay’s Nikita Kucherov in terms of primary assists/60 this season.

1. Leon Drysitel (EDM) – 2.25
2. Nikita Kucherov (TB) – 1.96
3. Victor Arvidsson (LA) – 1.81
4. Conor McDavid (EDM) – 1.74
5. Nathan McKinnon (COL) – 1.71
*Metrics provided via Natural Stat Trick

Arvidson came to the Kings who were primarily touted as goalscorers. I can’t say I’ve sat here watching every single game played by a man in a Predators jersey, but Arvidson had 15 more goals than assists during his time in the Nashville organization. Despite being smaller in size, he has scored 19 more assists than goals in over 100 games.

If you ask Arvidson specifically, he’ll say that his game hasn’t necessarily changed, as he does today, but perhaps the circumstances around him have changed.

Not that he aspires to be a playmaker or passer, but in Nashville his most common linemate took on the role. Here at the Kings, his regular center man, Philippe Danneau, has a knack for playing around the crease and doing most of his offensive damage from that area. This liberated his thoughtful Mr. Arvidsson in various fields.

“I like my line to score and I try to play my best,” Arvidson said this morning. “I scored a lot of goals for Nashville. I played with different players. I played with Johansen and Forsberg. They wanted the puck. I probably took on a different role. Around the net.” There was a lot.” Now I have Phil on my phone and he is there and I like to be around the net so I try to hit other spaces. It’s just a reading game. ”

Hearing Arvidsson’s high IQ figure in both situations is probably the most encouraging part of all.

Whether he changed anything, whether he approached it in any way or not, the piece was certainly there. The Kings would have been happy with Arvidsson’s production he from Predators and they’re definitely happy with his production here in L.A. He seemed to acknowledge the stats recognition but that I’m not looking for , I’m doing my best to play the right play at the right time.

“I’m just trying to set up my linemates and it worked. They’ll set me up too. I think it’s a give and take,” he added. “We’re producing offense. That’s the main part. We’re responsible and we’re playing a good game.”

From the bench, McClellan compared Arvidson to a chess player on ice. It also matches his self-assessment.

Arvidsson is not committed to the label as a player, he is committed to helping his team score and offense as best he can. Whether it’s a pass or a shot, he continues to ponder the game, communicate, and get the best reading from it.

“This guy is a very shrewd player who is always thinking, not just about skill,” McClellan said. “If we had a chess player on our team, we would pick him as one of them. I think that’s what I’m really good at.Sometimes playmakers set things up.”

Injury updates
Finally, Insider, an update on what’s currently out of the line-up.

For now, consider forwards Arthur Kariev and Trevor Moore’s “everyday life.” Moore will remain on the active roster and Kariev will remain on the injured list but can be activated at any time. Will come when we see – McClellan has ruled both players out of the Stars. ‘ said.

Both true everyday status.

Game previews continue tomorrow, insiders. The Kings start a difficult stretch against a difficult opponent. It starts with the Central Division leading the Dallas Stars. I have some interesting notes in tomorrow’s preview, so stay tuned!

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