PennDOT prepares for icy conditions during holiday travel

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Malvern, Pennsylvania (WPVI) — This will be a difficult storm for PennDOT, as the crew already handles certain roads.

Brad Rudolph, deputy director of communications at PennDOT, said:

Some of our western suburbs woke up Thursday morning to ice-smooth conditions, and the roads remained wet as temperatures rose throughout the day.

Natasha Walters said, “I just came in from South Jersey in the morning and it was muddy. I think,” he said.

With continued rain and much cooler temperatures expected on Friday, PennDOT said keeping the roads dry to prevent freezing is the biggest challenge.

“Keep it dry. We want to keep it dry for as long as possible before the temperature drops, because wet surfaces freeze, especially at high elevations,” Rudolph explained.

In addition to ice and rain, potentially damaging winds are also expected. PennDOT says the wind helps dry the roads, but it can cause other problems.

“Especially tomorrow, wind, power lines and trees could be a concern,” Rudolph said.

PennDOT will continue to monitor the situation with additional crew members working around the clock. They say all the snow is easier to handle than we expected.

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