Patriots Would Face One Of These Three Teams In Round 1 Of Playoffs

Heading into the weekend, there was a scenario where the Patriots could face the Ravens in Round 1 of the NFL playoffs. That would have been an ideal result for New England, as Baltimore is one rank below him than some of his top AFC contenders.

Well, those hopes were gone on Sunday afternoon.

For that, the Patriots would have needed the Ravens to win and the Chiefs to lose. Kansas City defeated the Denver Broncos on Sunday and Baltimore lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers a few hours later.

So if the Patriots make it to the playoffs, their wild card round matchup will be a road game against the Chiefs, Buffalo Bills or Cincinnati Bengals. Clearly, they’re all going to be tough matchups.

First, New England really needs to qualify for the postseason. Bill Belichick’s team took a much-needed first step with his 23-21 victory over the Dolphins in Miami on Sunday, but it all depends on next weekend.

A win over the Bills would lock the Patriots into the 7th seed in the AFC (and no further progress). Even if New England loses at Buffalo, they will still advance to the playoffs if:

— New York Jets beat Miami Dolphins
— Steelers lose to Cleveland Browns
— Will the Jacksonville Jaguars win or tie the Tennessee Titans?

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