Overreactions and reality checks for NFL Week 17: Will Dolphins make playoffs? Will Eagles blow No. 1 seed?

The NFL playoff race is in its final week, with both conference and several division titles still undecided. A number of teams were also eliminated from the playoffs in Week 17, calling into question the future and the direction these franchises should take this offseason.

As the season draws to a close, several teams have found themselves in freefall, one of which is still in the wild card playoff race (Miami Dolphins). Other players (Washington Commanders and New York Jets) weren’t so lucky. Next up is the Philadelphia Eagles, who have yet to win the number one seed in the NFC.

With one week to go until the playoffs, here are some takeaways from Sunday’s game. Which is overreaction and which is reality? Thank you for your inquiry.

The Packers start 4-8 and become the first team to secure a wild card slot.

Overreaction or reality: overreaction

Green Bay is in control of the conference’s final playoff spot fate as it needs to beat the Detroit Lions to secure the 7th and final playoff spot in the NFC.

But the Lions won’t win easily, even on the road. Detroit defeated Green Bay earlier in the year as the Packers scored only 9 points in an attempt to figure out the identity of the offense. The Lions returned to .500 with a victory over Green Bay in Week 9, winning seven of their last nine games. They’ll be playing for house money in an amazing season.

Don’t give the Packers a final playoff spot just yet.

Eagles Blow NFC East Title and No. 1 Seed

Overreaction or reality: overreaction

If the Eagles lose their final two games to Jalen Hurts at quarterback, it would cause serious concern for Philadelphia. Instead, it was Gardner Minshew who threw a touchdown interception return to seal the Eagles’ fate as Philadelphia set season-lows in points (10) and yards (313) over the New Orleans Saints.

The team wouldn’t be the same without Hearts, who are expected to return for a must-win game against the New York Giants next week. The Giants may be resting their starters. Expect Hearts and Eagles to get back on track.

Dolphins advance to playoffs

Overreaction or reality: real

How can a team on a five-game losing streak be in the playoffs? (also on a five-game losing streak) and the Patriots need to lose to the Bills.

If the Bills beat the Bengals on Monday, this scenario becomes plausible as the Patriots face Buffalo and a possible playoff. The Bills will continue to play as the No. 1 seed, so Josh has no reason to rest his Allen and pals. Pittsburgh needs to lose both New England and Miami, and needs to win over Cleveland, all of which is hard to comprehend.

If Tua Tagovailoa plays in Week 18, Miami will earn its final playoff spot.

Ron Rivera won’t return as Commander’s head coach

Overreaction or reality: real

Rivera actually relied on Carson Wentz to keep the team’s playoff hopes alive in Washington’s must-win game. What Wentz did was in his 24-10 loss to the Cleveland Browns, he went 16-of-28 for 143 yards and had only three interceptions. The Commanders were later eliminated from the playoffs thanks to the Packers’ defeat of the Minnesota Vikings.

This was the second time in three seasons that Rivera has missed the playoffs in Washington, and the year he made it to the playoffs, the Commanders won the NFC East with a 7-9 record. The Commanders are on a three-game losing streak, and in five weeks (including the bye week) he hasn’t won a single match. They had a chance to control their playoff destiny with a win over the Giants in Week 15, but it fell short and they haven’t won since.

Rivera didn’t even realize Washington could be out of the postseason with Sunday’s loss and Packers victory.

Mike Tomlin extends winning streak without losing record

Overreaction or reality: real

This may be Tomlin’s best coaching job, especially if the Steelers can find a way to make the playoffs with a rookie quarterback and a team that started 2-6. Regardless, going 9-8 with this team is an incredible achievement. The Steelers need a win over the Browns in Week 18 to do that.

Tomlin will need to break NFL records for 16 consecutive seasons to start his career without losing a record. That the Steelers even have his 9-8 chance shows how well Tomlin is coaching his team.

Overreaction or reality: real

Jalen Hurts missing the final two games and the Eagles going 0-2 in his absence should have helped his case in the MVP race in a way, but Mahomes continued his outstanding football. improved MVP status. Mahomes also has 5,000 yards and he has had a 40-touchdown season, even without Tyreke his Hill on the roster.

Mahomes joins Tom Brady and Drew Brees to become the only quarterback in NFL history to have multiple 5,000-plus passing yard seasons, the seventh quarterback in NFL history, and the 40-plus passing yards season. Scored multiple seasons of passing touchdowns. He joined the Brees as the only player to throw for 5,000 yards and 40 touchdowns twice in a season (he won MVP the last time Mahomes achieved this).

The Chiefs are 13-3 and are battling for home field advantage again in the AFC. Mahomes had the MVP type of year the team needed most.

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