Oakland apartment residents displaced by flooding, at least 20 cars under water

Oakland, CA (KGO) — Residents of the East Auckland apartment complex took refuge in a nearby hotel as management attempted to pump floodwaters out of a parking lot that had flooded as many as 20 cars.

“It’s emotional because having a home has made children homeless,” said Holly Brown, a displaced person, through tears.

Refugees who have gathered outside a hotel near Oakland Airport are being offered temporary accommodation after flooding flooded a building on 71st Street across from the Coliseum over the weekend.

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“Cars were submerged, streets were flooded, cars were stuck through puddles. It was just chaos,” said Davina Brown, a displaced person.

A resident of the five-story Coliseum Connections shared a video of the damage and an email sent by the complex’s manager. Clogged storm drains caused flooding on Saturday and PG, according to emails.&E turns off the power. It takes several days to pump out the water.

One resident, who requested anonymity, shared a video of him trying to drive out of the garage. “I went to the garage and was scared because I knew the power was still on and I could get in the car. By the time I got to the car, (the water was) above my ankles. ‘ said the resident. He said. “The water was dirty. It was brown. There was garbage.”

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“I’m angry. Now I have two cars gone. I have no transportation. I’ve been forced out of my house. I’m out and working from home.”

Residents expressed security concerns with the lack of power. The management company said in an email that it provides a “resident security guard.” But they referred residents to insurance companies for food loss and vehicle loss claims.

Holly Brown said, “I think the only thing we can do from here is move up because this is what brings us together. But it takes a lot of work. It’s okay.”

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