Norwegian music that is brand new: curates 🇳🇴

Norwegian music that is brand new: curates 🇳🇴

Norwegian music Friday! has the pleasure of dishing up a delicious selection of klisssss new Norwegian music, curated during the night.

Please have a wonderful weekend!

Marstein “Frida Kahlo”

– Paint the picture or take the picture, who do you want to be? / we turn over millions, but fuck a few kroner / we do it for respect and honor… The self-titled – shockingly good – latest album by UNDERGRUNN will soon sell 35 million at Spoti. At the same time that the songs are still rotating heavily throughout the country of Norway, two of the guys each release their own solo project. Marstein alias Jo Almaas Marstein serves Medici Marstein. The teenager from Oslo, who already has a large catalog for being a teenager, recalls that this does not sound like UG. – It is an outlet for excess energy during the period I also worked with SUBWAY– the album. Over the years, it has become more and more important to me that if I were to release solo songs, it cannot sound like UG. Something I feel I have finally achieved – in collaboration with Kastel, he says. Rik Pappa has not produced this time, so it is Kastel who is responsible for all the songs. – If people don’t understand it today, there is always a day tomorrow, says Marstein about the project. – Medici Marstein. I am the last one Medici. The savior of the Renaissance. Boom, concludes the young master. Below he talks about his bitch who looks like Frida Kahlo 🥵

Jon Rane’s “Blood”

– I know what I said and I know what I did / I live in a place where no one should live… The other UG boy going solo is Jon Ranes aka Loverboy. The album of the rapper, singer and actor (Out and stealing horses, Flus, Pørni) is also a step to the side from the UNDERGRUNN sound. He has produced all the songs together with Kastel. – The first song we made together was “Blod”. Then I discovered a new side of myself, which I wanted to experiment more with, says Jon. – Loverboy is about a boy who is on his way into adulthood, who struggles a bit to find his way. With themes such as heartbreak, joy and fear, I try to find the trigger for the listener. Something everyone can relate to. With Loverboy, I want the listeners to feel these feelings, says the good boy.

Astrid S “Come First”

– I don’t care if your ego gets hurt, baby you should know I, I come first / I don’t care if I get on your nerves, baby you should know I, I come first… Rennebu-Queen and all of Norway’s Astrid Smeplass have been on a giga festival tour this summer. We were lucky enough to see her at Stavern, where she teased this bop. The audience immediately put their love on the song. (It was also the only song on which she pulled out the guitar herself.) “Come First” is about putting yourself first for once – and coming first ❤️‍🔥 With multiple meanings 😉 Written by Astrid, Litens Anton Nilsson, Louise Lennartsson and Elof Loelv. The latter has produced.

Ruben “Cry You A River”

I’ll cry you a river for your love, make myself a sinner if you want / say you need me and I’ll run for you, come undone for you, set the sun for you… It has been a long time since we heard from Ruben Markussen. Now comes the Bjarkøy væringen with the first taste of what will become an album. He’s in a more joyful place than he’s been on previous music he’s released. This song is about the desire for love and to be loved by someone. Enveloped by his strong vocals. Written by Alessandra Günthardt, Benjamin Pinkus, Hayley Shea, Lars Kristian Rosness and Ruben. Produced by Benjamin and Lars Kristian.

Anna of the North “Nobody”

– Don’t need nobody if it’s not you 🥹… Sad tune wrapped in feelgood. Anna from north Inlandet is warming up its forthcoming third album Crazy Life with “Nobody”. The single is accompanied by sweet, vivid, retro images, where Anna looks at herself from the couch.

AVGVSTVS “Young Fredriksen”

– Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson said it, every man has to stand alone in this business / listened to Bankmenn when I bumped the Olsen gang… The Ullern boy Hans August Pünter alias AVGVSTVS is finally following up Take it niceserving up keeg-ish, melancholic trap on the album St.Hans, with stories from Oslo’s worst west end. He has Jesper Jenset, KingSkurkOne and evigunge Smul with him.

Hannah Storm “Till I Die”

– Someone save me from the Devil´s hunger / Hold me till the end, hold me till I die… This is included in the TV series Reputationr, but sounds like it could have been an Oscar-nominated film song. Ever since Hannah debuted, we’ve been lowkey stunned by her voice – and this one is no exception. It is magnificent. Written with and produced by Odd Martin Skålnes and Vetle Junker.

Truly “Too Young To Be Sad”

– We lose our breath and we lose our sight, dear world heals us… We haven’t heard anything from the Bodø band Verkeilgen since they released their second album in 2020. Now they’re back – still too young to be sad. This time they have Chris Walla with them on production, from vocalist Tobias’ favorite band Death Cab for Cutie. It still sounds like dreamy pop rock, which fits perfectly with Tobias’ voice. Written by Really, produced by Chris.

Aleks Gray feat. Iselin “Five Minutes”

– Can we just listen to Holocene, and shut out all the noise that’s been keeping us down lately / ’cause lately it’s been too much, I just wanna hold you…
A collaboration between two voices that blend perfectly into each other. Aleksander Raftevold alias Aleks Gre and Iselin Solheim wrote this together during a stay at Ocean Sound Recordings in Giske. A lovely prune to see each other in a relationship even as the world whizzes by around them. Written by Aleks, Iselin and Charlie Snyder. Produced by Sivert Hagtvet, Anders Kjær and Aleks.

Mo Ayn ​​”What happens, happens”

The Oslo rapper/singer Mo Ayn ​​can already adorn himself with a Spellemann nomination for best hip-hop and a P3 Gold nomination for newcomer of the year. Now he follows up Shepherd from 2021 (with Chirag and Yosef) with the EP 1001 evenings; inspired by One thousand and one nights. – This is a collection of stories dedicated to all young men who have great ambitions, but who have great challenges they are unable to talk about. For many young men, it feels like everyone else’s problems are being talked about and taken measures for, while they themselves end up in the shadows. They are mentioned, but forgotten soon after. This EP will not be forgotten, says Mo Ayn. The entire project is produced by PVCIFY.

Stina Talling “Something good (Candy)”

– I often have to explain away, but you always see through your eyes / because even when I’m lying down, you roll your eyes… Bergen girl Stina Talling shows herself from a more vulnerable side than we are used to hearing her from. She has turned Paolo Nutini’s “Candy” into Norwegian music, and it is very pleasant to listen to. Produced by Tormod Løkling.

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