NIck Sirianni takes responsibility for pick-six that iced loss to Saints

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Losing 13-10 with about six minutes remaining, the Eagles had a chance against the Saints to force overtime or win in regulation. A pick 6 by Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore then cooled the game.

After the game, Lattimore told the PFT by phone that he realized the ball was coming in a diagonal route to receiver AJ Brown, who he was covering, based on the formation.

Lattimore explained that he realized what was going on based on his research of the film and the flow of the game.

“Movies are one thing, but when you get on the field you have to feel what’s going on,” Lattimore said. , I had to take advantage of it. I really should have gotten it earlier like the first half. I should have had one.”

Lattimore said it was a combination of seeing Brown split wide by himself on one side of the field and his pre-snap moves.

“I just picked it up,” Lattimore said. “I knew it was coming. I just knew.”

On Monday, Eagles coach Nick Siriani took responsibility for the defense calling a predictable play.

“I take responsibility for the interception,” Siriani told reporters. “We came back to the play we executed early in the game. They recognized it and made the playoffs. We gave them a recognizable formation and they played it. We put them in a tough spot right off the bat, which I think is obviously a big turning point for people to imagine Gardner [Minshew’s] game being. They put a lot into that play. But I accept that responsibility. It’s my responsibility. We put him in a tough spot right away. ”

A pre-snap move put four receivers on one side and only Brown on the other.

“It’s a very recognizable formation,” said Sirianni. “A good corner kick made the play…they recognized it. [Saints coach] Dennis Allen is a good coach. he recognized it. they were adjusting. they played. ”

Given the amount of movies out there, it’s the kind of mistake that’s easy to make late in the season. Because there’s enough evidence on tape for smart defensive coaches to spot trends and prepare players to spot them.

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