NFL Week 18 flex scheduling changes: Titans-Jaguars clash moved to Saturday night; Lions-Packers Sunday night

For the second year in a row, the NFL hosted a Saturday doubleheader in the final week of the regular season, and for the second year in a row, the NFL waited until the end of Sunday’s game in Week 17 to determine who would play in that doubleheader. clarified.

The league announced Saturday’s schedule for Week 18 will be as follows:

The biggest surprises are the Titans and Jaguar games. With the AFC South title at stake, there was speculation that the NFL would move that game to Sunday night of Week 18, but the league decided to put it on Saturday night instead. did.

The Jaguars probably won’t be thrilled to hear the game is moved to Saturday. That’s because the Titans get more rest than they do, and not only did the Jaguars play in a shorter week, but Tennessee played Thursday in Week 17, so for the showdown he’ll need three extra days of rest. Given.

The winner of the Titans vs. Jaguars match will dominate the AFC South, but the loser is not necessarily eliminated. If the Titans win Saturday, the Jags will still qualify for a wild card spot if the Steelers lose to the Browns, the Patriots lose to the Bills, and the Dolphins lose to the Jets in Week 18. , then Tennessee’s season ends.

As for the early game, the Chiefs are still in contention for the top seed in the AFC, so they are likely to be picked. No matter what happens Monday night between the Bengals and Bills, the Chiefs go into Saturday’s game knowing they need to win if they want to be top seeded. The Bills-Bengals winner will be in the driver’s seat for the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

In case you’re wondering why there’s a doubleheader this week, it’s now a permanent part of the upcoming schedule because it’s part of ESPN’s media deal.

When it comes to Sunday’s night game, the NFL has decided to put the Lions-Packers in the spotlight. The only problem with putting this game in prime time is that the Lions’ playoff chances may be dead by the time the game starts. If so, the Lions are excluded from playoff contention.

Click here for the full schedule for Week 18.

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