NEXT Weather: High impacts from snow and ice expected beginning late Monday

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Next Weather: Report at 5pm

Next Weather: Report at 5pm


Minneapolis — Winter may return early in the new year.

After a quiet New Year’s Day, dive into the upcoming winter event that will affect both Monday and Tuesday.

A winter storm warning is in effect for Monday night through Tuesday. This could lead to a more confirmed winter warning by the National Weather Service.

These conditions make Tuesday the next weather warning day, with heavy impacts expected in parts of the state, mainly the southern half.

Rain, freezing rain, and snow are possible from the Twin Cities in the south Monday night through early Tuesday morning. Augustyniak said the snow pushed him up eight to 12 inches in a small area somewhere in Minnesota, possibly including metropolitan areas.

Temperatures then drop on Wednesday and Thursday, with highs in the low 20s or high 10s.

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