New Georgia law brings fresh opportunity for food truck owners

Augusta, GA (WRDW/WAGT) – New Year Means New Laws, In Georgia, some are now in effect.

Under House Bill 14-43, food trucks need only one permit to operate in any Georgia county.

“We’re pretty demanding right now, so that’s a really big deal. But it’s costing money, and it’s making everything expensive, so some places have refused,” says Funnel Cake Lounge owner. says Andrew Walker.

Previously, each food truck had to be licensed and inspected in each county in which it parked, but some counties never allowed shifts from the drive.


“It’s a lot of paperwork, so you have to submit an application. It’s like applying for a job. They overlook it. said.

Victor Montes is the owner of Vic’s Grill. He said, “I had to get 10 or 12 or more permits in the various counties I went to. We’re talking about $1,500, about $2,000 in permits alone.”

Testing can also be done out of county.

“If restaurants only get health checks twice a year, why do I have to do them two or three times a month,” he said.

When the toll runs out, more trucks will start heading there.

“For a lot of people looking to make a name for themselves, this will be a great opportunity. I’m trying to build my confidence.”

“At a time when many restaurants are closing, it’s the county that’s been given a new chance to survive.”

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