“My Last Day of Junk Food”: Resurfaced Picture of Bruce Lee Enjoying His Cheat Meal Leaves Fans in Frenzy on New Year

martial arts legend Bruce Lee Popular for the lightning speed with which he unleashes punches and kicks. All these skills were the reason for the strict diet he always followed. Lee found a viable way to blend both Asian and American food cultures to come up with the well-considered “Bruce Lee Diet.” The carbohydrate source was the staple rice. However, the dietary requirements for protein and fat were inspired by the West. His favorite of all foods was beef in oyster sauce.


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A recent Instagram post on Bruce Lee’s official profile put fans in a festive mood. This is rarely seen, as she legend has always been on a strict diet and didn’t particularly like junk food.

The comments section is flooded with Bruce Lee fans


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Despite being the source of the image dragon road Starring the iconic Chuck Norris duo, it was enough to drive fans insane. I was completely surprised because it made me think. The fact that it was unrealistic for fans to see an unusual Bruce Lee was a sight that hurt the eyes of many.

Kickboxer from Tajikistan, Bakhtiyar Abduroev, left Lee a heartfelt comment. “I was 5 years old when I saw your movie. Thank you, Legend.” further away, This fan left a confusing but wholesome comment. “For some reason, seeing Bruce eating made me happy.”

Another fan seems to be making New Year’s resolutions while enjoying the last cheat meal until 2023. “My last day of junk food, I’ll be back to health starting tomorrow. Happy New Year.” Fans still have questions 🙂 I wonder what his favorite cheat meal was.”

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Here are some of the more wholesome comments left by Bruce Lee fans.

“My dear brother, so did I!”


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“It has to be the most 70’s home style ever :)”

“Because it’s important to enjoy the moment and take a break! Happy New Year.”

“Bon Appetit Honey Sugar”


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Even health fanatics like Little Phoenix seem guilty. what’s your cheat meal? Let us know in the comments.

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