MS Highway Patrol speaks on holiday travel hazards

When it comes to holiday traffic safety, the Mississippi Highway Patrol pays attention to drivers with disabilities.

At the end of the year, road hazards are common. At the end of 2022, this will not change.

Since the Mississippi Highway Patrol began its holiday travel period on December 30,ththey made more than 139 DUI arrests statewide. I want to create a road where everyone can move safely, so I will move on the roadway.”

Taking care of others is very important during this time, but so is taking care of yourself.

Another hazard affecting drivers this holiday season is severe weather that has caused a series of rainstorms and dense fog.

Since the beginning of the travel period, MHP has handled 28 motor vehicle accidents, 19 of which resulted in injuries. “Many of them were on a Friday when the rainy event passed. We handled 15 shipwrecks on a rainy Friday alone.”

As the weather continued to be dangerous, our patrol team gave us some tips to stay safe on the road, including making sure we had the right tires and not using cruise control on wet roads. rice field. “If it’s foggy, turn on your headlights. Slow down so other drivers can see you. Put your phone down and don’t drive distractedly.”

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