Mobile market provides Colony Apartment residents with food, supplies

COLUMBIA, South Carolina (WOLO) — Over the Christmas holidays, residents of Colony Apartments had no heat or running water for three days and were evacuated to a nearby hotel until the situation was deemed safe by the Columbia Fire Department.

Last week, Colombian police made two arrests in the shooting death of colony resident Miasia James.

About 60 percent of the colony’s residents have been cleared to go home, according to Columbia Fire Chief Aubrey Jenkins.

As communities continue to recover, Harvest Hope and Serve and Connect have teamed up to bring a ‘mobile market’ to residents.

Markets include food, cleaning products, diapers and blankets.

Tiauna Rhyne is a resident of Colony Apartments.

“I think it’s a great idea. I think it’s very helpful to have spent time with us,” Rhine says.

Kassy Alia Ray, CEO of Serve and Connect, says it’s a very trying time for the Colony community.

“That’s why I’m so grateful to work with so many great partners like Harvest Hope, the Colombian Police, various community leaders and volunteers to come together and show the love. It’s really necessary.” It’s at the forefront of things,” says Alia Ray.

Harvest Hope CEO Erinn Rowe says the organization aims to tackle the crisis in the community.

“That’s Harvest Hope for vulnerable people who need us. So this is all the great partnerships and marriages we can do to help stabilize our communities.” says Rowe.

“Being able to show immediate gratitude when you’re helping those families is the ultimate,” says Michelle Borum, a Harvest Hope volunteer since 2015. .

“It’s all about giving back. Giving back to our community and making it stronger,” says Sally Barefoot, who has volunteered with Harvest Hope since 2008.

Line remains positive about the colony’s situation. Don’t let negativity get you down. just keep moving. And think of all the good times you have and keep pushing further. ”

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