MBTA Orange Line Delays After 9 Cars Pulled From Service – NBC Boston

As people begin to return to work and school this week after the holidays, Orange Line passengers will be dealing with longer wait times.

Orange Line rider Juliet Miller said: “I feel like I showed up at T. What I get is what I get and that’s what I expect.”

The MBTA announced on Friday it had taken nine new vehicles out of service. This means that the train interval will be about 15 minutes.

“It’s like getting a new toy and it’s broken,” said rider Qudiya Muhammad. “It comes in a cute package.”

A T indicates that a damaged power component affecting the axle was discovered during a routine inspection.

All of the retired vehicles are part of newer vehicles that the Chinese company is building in Springfield.

“They fail to deliver on time, and even when they do deliver on time, they are consistently flawed in some way,” said former state transportation secretary Jim Aloysi.

Nine trains were out of service due to electrical problems on the MBTA Orange Line.

Aloisi said the company’s low-bid selection was a mistake.

“Let us learn a lesson from this,” said Aloysi. “Where was the quality control and quality assurance? It seems to have no effect.”

Stacy Thompson, executive director of transit advocacy group TransitMatters, said T needs to be more forthright about the issue and the system will be one of the new governor’s biggest challenges.

“The Healy administration cannot change the issue of T overnight,” she said. “But she can change the way T speaks to the public. I think it will bring

MBTA did not disclose how long it would take to repair the nine cars.

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