Lions vs. Bears stock report: 10 risers, 2 fallers from win

Another game, an incredible week these are the same Detroit Lions we know and love. Please allow this week’s stock report to be a little one-sided. It was a beautiful team performance from start to finish. Here’s what’s happening this week:

Stock Up: James Houston, DL

Houston currently leads this team in sacks. The guy who didn’t play the NFL snaps until Thanksgiving.The guy who training he didn’t make the 53-man roster from camp. A man who was nominated in the 6th round of the draft. The man who fired Justin Fields three times on Sunday.

Stock Up: Penei Sewell, OL

We put him on the stock down list after Penay Sewell topped the league on penalties in late November. The midseason wasn’t kind to him. Since then, however, Sewell has played clean and effective ball in and out of his line of scrimmage. The latter was especially true on Sundays. Sewell frequently blocked his 10–20 yards at the line of scrimmage, including his Kalif Raymond screen early on and Jameson Williams’ reverse later.

Sewell is the cornerstone of this offense and this team, and when Sewell is good, so are the Lions. Sewell was great on Sunday and the rest of the offense followed.

Stock Up: Josh Paschal, DL

Josh Pascal had a strong presence in run defense when he made his NFL debut in late October. But Pascal has been pretty quiet since suffering an injury mid-season. On Sunday, he was in the limelight, but not the way we remember him, as he scored the first sack of his career, especially one of the most mobile quarterbacks in the league. Did. But even more impressive was his second sack.

This is the kind of growth we would like to see in our young players, and is very encouraging progress for those who were unable to attend training camp.

Stockdown: Jeff Okuda, CB

Okuda has been on the bench for the second straight week since CB1 and Potential Comeback Player of the Year in the first half of the season. He alternated with Mike Hughes on Sunday opposite Jerry Jacobs, a continuation of last week’s personnel changes after Okuda struggled against the Jets and Panthers. Notably, Okuda was also the first Gunner with punt coverage.

Okuda’s game wasn’t bad, but these changes clearly show how the coaching staff thinks of his worth now. (and you can’t blame them after the last two games). We rarely put our best players on special teams, especially punt gunners. Okuda is expendable and Sunday made that clear.

Stock Up: Jameson Williams, WR

After bursting onto the scene with a lengthy touchdown reception against the Vikings, Jammo has been silent since. The Lions clearly wanted to change that Sunday. Having been the beneficiary of a 40-yard reverse pitch on the drive, it seems Williams decided he was getting the ball no matter what. It was Williams’ only touch of the day, but it was a beautiful one and part of a statement drive for the Lions to start the second half.

Stock Down: Shane Zylstra, TE

Zylstra is back on the ground after last week’s 3-touchdown breakout game in Carolina. On Sunday’s only reception, third-and-long, he slid about five yards short of the first down. The only other appearance he made on the stat sheet was in holding his call early in the fourth quarter where he regained Dandre his Swift conversion on 3rd down. It’s not a terrible day for a man who doesn’t usually show up, but last week’s performance seemed to be an outlier rather than a sign of what was to come.

Stock Up: Jared Goff, QB

Goff was in the bag on Sundays most of the time. But what really stood out to me to justify the stock up was DJ Chark, who caught with one hand on the first down for his late throw on the ropes down the sideline. It’s rare to see Goff throwing into such tight coverage with such confidence, so it was a sight to see him position the ball so perfectly. A never-before-seen Goff dimension is opening up.

quick hit

stock up

Brad Holmes, GM: No need to say much. Read on for the names of this week’s stock. He’s building an absolute madhouse for the roster.

Mike Hughes, CB: Hughes has benefited from Jeff Okuda’s ill-fated struggle.

DJ Chark, WR: Churk is becoming the star of this offense after returning from injury, and as mentioned above, his chemistry with Jared Goff continues to improve week after week. He also flipped up a beautiful block on Jamo’s reverse to open up his last ten or so yards.

Ifeatu Melifonwu, S: After a terrible performance in Carolina last week, Ifee bounced back well on Sunday, defending half a sack and two passes.

Aidan Hutchinson, DL: Hutchinson currently holds the NFL record for most interceptions by a defensive lineman in a season. Not bad, newbie.

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