Kayvon Thibodeaux mocks injured Nick Foles after sacking him

I’m sure this was off his mind while celebrating a sack against the Indianapolis Colts, but New York Giants rookie edge rusher Kaybourne Thibodeau took down many opponents around Philadelphia on Sunday. I made.

The top 5 picks in the 2022 NFL Draft had a productive season for the resurgent Giants this year, adding 4 to their season total when they unblocked and defeated Colts QB and Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl hero Nick. Added sack. Falls.

Thibodeau crashed into the Falls and tumbled down before beginning to make a “Snow Angel” on the grass next to the fallen Colts signal caller. He continued to do so even when Colts trainers rushed to the field to tend to the injured Foles. I think it’s fair), admitted that he stopped celebrating after realizing Falls wasn’t happening.

Well, that’s all done, dusted off, and ready to move on… Wait a minute, what is this?

Is Thibodeau celebrating ‘going to sleep’ on the sidelines after learning Foles was injured? increase.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an avid No Fun League supporter. I think players should be more provocative and celebrated than themselves, and the league should encourage that, but mocking injured players is (at best) very bad.

The Giants defeated the Colts 38-10 in Week 17 to secure their first playoff spot since the 2016 season. With New York also locked into the playoff seed, they have nothing against the Eagles in Week 18, and it’s unclear at this time if they’ll rest the starter. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind seeing it pancaked for a few touchdown runs.

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