Jordan’s Fish & Chicken closed after video shows food on floor, a rodent and barefoot employees

Those who gathered outside Jordan’s Fish & Chicken on January 2 were greeted by a neon green sign from Marion County Public Health affixed to the restaurant’s door. It says “NOTICE” and it says “CLOSED” in bold.

Jordan’s Fish & Chicken at 4175 North Post Road has closed after a video was posted on social media. The video shows cooking on dirty floors, rodents present where customers are, and employees cooking barefoot.

About 20 people gathered at the restaurant to protest.

A county health department inspector attempted an inspection on the morning of Jan. 2 but found no employees and the door locked, according to a health department spokeswoman. Inspectors noticed a large amount of grease outside the restaurant. The restaurant closed at 10:20 am. Restaurants on the Far East side must be inspected and approved by the Marion County Public Health Department’s Food and Consumer Safety Division before they can legally reopen.

Jordan’s Fish & Chicken on North Post Road is closed due to health concerns. (Photo/Timoria Cunningham)

Devon Johnson has been a customer for a year and it used to be his lunch break place. Johnson told the recorder outside the restaurant that he was “skeptical” about going to Jordan’s. was handing out

“That was my final straw,” Johnson said in the parking lot.

He said it was “disturbing” that restaurant employees seemed to feel it was okay to feed such people.

“What was done in the dark comes to light,” Johnson said.

Democratic mayoral candidate and state representative Robin Shackleford was there, and she said she was “horrified.”

“I couldn’t believe there was a restaurant in our community in such dire conditions with food straddling, no shoes and rats running around,” she said.

Christina Hodgson, offsite manager for two Jordan’s Fish and Chicken locations, told protesters that there are only two official Jordan’s Fish and Chicken locations in Indianapolis.

Hodgson said he was shocked and saddened by the video and that nothing had happened at his place since he became manager for three years.

“I was angry,” Hodgson told the recorder.

According to Hodgeson, there are a number of Jordan’s Fish and Chicken restaurants around town that continue to operate under the original name and logo. Hodgeson said she and her business partners met with lawyers last year to find a way to get her name back, but she got nothing.

Ashley Barden, who was born and raised in the Far East, said she had dined at the restaurant several times and was “disturbed” and “upset” by watching the video.

“As a mother of three, I was on EBT, and it’s the only option I have to give my kids a quick, hot meal when it gets tough,” Virden says. “It was pretty much the only option, especially since we had no grocery store and we were on the run.”

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