Jeff Saturday slams ‘trash’ Kayvon Thibodeaux celebration on Nick Foles hit, upset that Colts linemen didn’t retaliate

Kayvon Thibodeaux caused a stir on Sunday when he mocked a Snow Angel next to Nick Foles, who was clearly injured and in pain.

Jeff Saturday is unsatisfied with how the Indianapolis Colts’ offensive live did or didn’t handle the situation. called Monday’s Thibodeau Sack Celebration “garbage” and “bland”.

“Yeah, tasteless garbage, just garbage from the ensuing celebration – not a fan at all” told reporters on Saturday When asked about Thibodeau’s celebration.

I mean, you know me, man. I’ve been here a long time. There wasn’t one, so I’m about to leave it there.”

The incident occurred in the second quarter. The New York Giants won 38-10. Giants rookie Thibodeau sacked Foles after scoring a free run on the Colts quarterback on a third-down play. He appeared to be convulsing in the aftermath.

Meanwhile, Thibodeau lay on his back and made a simulated snow angle to celebrate the hit just inches away from the Fords. At the time, Thibodeau seemed unaware that Foles was injured. But it didn’t look great.

Foles was ruled out of the game with a rib injury. Saturday announced on Monday that Foles will not play in Sunday’s season finale against the Houston Texans. rice field.

“We started getting up when we realized he was injured,” said Thibodeau. According to ESPN’s Kimberly A. Martin“When I’m celebrating, I don’t try to see who’s doing what. But I hope he’s fine. I hope he’s okay.”

Thibodeau wasn’t happy on Saturday, but his main problem seems to be with his own player. Saturday was at center for the Colts where he played 13 his season, snapped the ball to Payton for his Manning, won the Super Bowl and made his team three All-Pros. The Colts linemen on Sunday had no trouble with Thibodeau as the quarterback was injured on the turf. This is a bad match for Saturday.

It’s been a bad season for Jeff Saturday and the Colts got worse on Sunday. (Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

The incident and its aftermath were the latest disappointment in what has been one of the most disappointing campaigns of the NFL season. The playoff-craving Colts team has instead seen that season descend into his 4-11-1 disaster. They fired head coach Frank Reich midseason and benched quarterback Matt Ryan twice in the starting lineup.

The Colts were roundly ridiculed for replacing Reich with franchise stalwart Saturday as a player who had no head coaching experience beyond high school level and took on an interim job. A 1-6 stretch that included enabling the biggest comeback in NFL history suggests Saturday wasn’t really ready for the role.

Sunday’s game clearly did not improve the situation. But as long as he remains on the sidelines of Indianapolis, Saturday’s intentions to instill his culture.

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