Jaire Alexander on backing up his talk vs. Justin Jefferson: I’m a great corner

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Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson entered on Sunday with a league-leading 1,756 receiving yards, 208 yards behind Calvin Johnson’s 2012 NFL record of 1,964.

Jefferson was able to catch nine passes for 184 yards and score two touchdowns in the Vikings’ 23-7 win in the season opener.

This time, Packers cornerback Jaile Alexander moved with Jefferson most of the time.

“He challenged him,” said Packers coach Matt Lafleur. star tribune“There were a few times he’d implemented a quick jam at the line of scrimmage that was very physical. Whenever DB did it, especially if he hadn’t seen it in large numbers on tape. I don’t always expect it.I don’t care who you are as a wide receiver.It’s always a challenge.I thought it was a great job from the staff.”

Kirk Cousins ​​hit Jefferson five times. His only catch was 7:45 left in the third quarter. Jefferson wore his frustration on his sleeve when Alexander chirped in his ear and mocked him at Gridi’s celebration.

According to Next Gen Stats, Alexander lined up opposite Jefferson on 20 of the 31 routes, 13 of which were reported.

“Tell Shannon Sharp and Skip Bayless to see what they’re going to say about me,” said Alexander. “He’s a good corner,” the story goes. I’m a great corner.

Earlier this week, Alexander called Jefferson’s Opening Day stats against the Packers a “fluke.” LaFleur noted that Alexander “backed it up” on Sunday.

“He’s still a great receiver,” Alexander told CBS’ Tracy Wolfson. I meant what you said.”

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