Jaguars vs. Texans final score: Jacksonville wins easily, 31-3

The Jacksonville Jaguars entered Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans as the favorites and were the team everyone expected to win. The Jaguars overwhelmed the Texans just as everyone expected them to, winning easily 31-3 and drawing a chunk of the starters for most of the second half.

It was strange to watch the Jaguars play a game they should have won, beat a bad football team, and actually do it without fear of dropping a game they should have won. The Jaguars took an early 21-0 lead and that was all she wrote.

For quarterback Trevor Lawrence, he missed several passes and only had 152 passing yards and an interception, but the offense actually flowed through Travis Etienne.

The second-year running back easily exceeded 100 yards on the day thanks to a 62-yard touchdown run. Etienne also surpassed 1,000 rushing yards on Sunday’s season, but he wasn’t the only Jaguar offensive player to hit several landmarks. He is currently the Jaguars franchise leader, recording tight ends in both receiving and receiving yards in one season.

But this doesn’t take anything away from the Jaguar defense. The Jaguars held off the Texans’ offense all day until the game was cleared and they fell back a bit. Houston was held to 3 points and 277 total yards, most of which came in the second half as the game ended, as the defenders flew around all day, scoring big stops on third and his fourth down, and Davis his second. Scored a touchdown after a Mills fumble on .

The Jaguars entered Sunday with the intention of playing the game, regardless of whether it was deemed “pointless” or not seen in the big picture, but now have a matchup with the Tennessee Titans. Closing out a regular game, building momentum for the AFC South showdown.

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