Jaguars fans vote for team’s Week 18 uniform against Titans

JACKSONVILLE, FL — People have said: The Jacksonville Jaguars will wear all-teal uniforms for the AFC South title game against the Tennessee Titans at TIAA Bank Field on Saturday night.

The Jaguars’ equipment staff conducted a Twitter poll asking fans what uniform combination the Jaguars should wear in the regular season finale, and the combination of teal jersey, teal pants and teal socks was the clear winner and was collected. It received 37.5% of the 21,949 votes. Voting closed Monday night.

“Teal is the real deal,” said George Pellicer, Jaguar’s head equipment manager.

The combination of uniforms is a big topic among fans every week. Especially if you’re wearing something the Jaguars don’t like. Pellicer said he found it fun to give Jaguars fans a say in what would be the biggest game of the season. Franchise History: The winner of Saturday’s Jaguars vs. Titans game also wins this division.

“We just wanted to get the fans hooked,” Pellicer said. “They always comment [on Twitter] About what they think we should wear. We wanted to give them a chance to speak up. We are not trying to make everyone happy, but we are trying to appease the public. ”

Pellicer said his favorite combination was the last one in the poll (teal/black/teal), but he really likes the all-teal look as well. Some of the uniforms were non-negotiable, as the jerseys to be worn in matches had to be fixed. The rest of the ensemble was fair game.

“I think it’s going to be great,” Pellicer said. “It’s going to be on national television and stadiums are going to rock.” It will be his fifth time this season that the Jaguars will wear the teal jersey. His other four instances were against the Washington Commanders and at home against the Las Vegas Raiders, New York Giants and Houston Texans. It’s the second time they wear all teal.

The Jaguars are 1-3 in their last four games.

The equipment staff Twitter account (@JagsEquip) has 4,490 followers, but retweets by former players Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones Drew (#1 and #2 respectively on the franchise’s all-time rush list) , the vote was pushed up. That.

Quarterback Trevor Lawrence and wide receiver Christian Kirk also retweeted the vote.

Pellicer said most players prefer to wear black jerseys every week, but that’s another color for the Jaguars, and league rules allow teams to use a different-colored jersey only three times a season. Twice, and Jaguar has already done it.

There is one more thing that fans comment on or ask for. It’s a teal helmet. Apparently, it will have to wait a while.

“There are no Teal helmets in the works at the moment,” said Pellicer.

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