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It’s a great day of food, family, and football

It’s a great day of food, family, and football

It’s a great day of food, family, and football

Dean from Leavenworth, Indiana

Thank you Packers, and thank you Insider.

Margaux from Tallahassee, Florida

I don’t know if you’re working on Thanksgiving Wes, but if so, good morning. The same goes for everyone who makes Insider Inbox a daily must-read.

We are here, Margaux, and so are you. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I can’t wait to do a little work and eat a lot.

Given that it’s time to be grateful, I’m grateful for a few things when it comes to the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Jones continues to embody what it means to be a packer in the way he works both on and off the field. He’s proud to be rooting for the pack. He is grateful to Christian Watson and his bright future. I am grateful to be able to see the final chapter of Aaron Rodgers. What do you appreciate about GBP?

Expectations and Engagement. The disappointment that many of us have felt this season is directly tied to the winning culture that has been established at Green Bay throughout my life. It has a large fan base that has been hungry for victory for years and decades. So, whether it’s a win, a loss, a draw, or the off-season, we’d like to thank everyone for making Insider Inbox a part of their daily lives.

Rob from Circle Pines, Minnesota

The last three games, except perhaps against the Cowboys, have been a poor offense. In all three, there were several cases where the receiver caused a separation and Aaron Rodgers missed the throw entirely (the final third of the game). Did Rodgers’ thumb strain become severe enough to affect his pitching accuracy late in the game?

Interesting hypothesis. Statistically, I looked at the numbers on Wednesday and didn’t find much of a difference. In six games since losing to the Giants, Rodgers had 552 yards, four touchdowns and two interceptions in the first half. made 54 of 84 passes (64.3%) in , with a Passer Rating of 89.0. In the second half, Rodgers had 75 of his 124 attempts (60.5%) with seven touchdowns and he passed for 833 yards in two of his INTs (92.6 passer rating). The completion rate is down a few points, but nothing offensive. One split I found of him in the Pro Football Reference is Rodgers’ stats when a pass play starts under center. The thumb clearly changed the trajectory of the season, but Rodgers won’t use that as an excuse.

Wes, I hope this question is upbeat and good for the Thanksgiving holiday. I am especially grateful for II and the insight it has brought in this difficult year of football.If I’m not mistaken, Mike’s recent WYMM shows why the Packers lost Instead of the good things that happened with the loss for the first time. It seems like quite a challenge to write one per se. What has been the hardest thing for you as a writer for the Packers this season? Happiest of you and your Thanksgiving!

Just understand everything. This is his one of the most confusing seasons I’ve covered in terms of figuring out why the ball bounced like this. In 2013 and 2017 Rodgers was injured and the season remained untouched. Rodgers had also played with a broken leg in 2018, but the team wasn’t doing so well, and he felt the final record accurately reflected that. We went into this season thinking we had everything we needed to win, but the last 11 games have shown how difficult it is to win consistently in this league. As I always say, it’s a game of momentum, and the Packers haven’t had enough of it this season.

Too fast what you may have missed About the Titans game. The defender was moving before the snap. That’s pretty fast, isn’t it?

Spoff’s WYMM reinforced what I thought I could get out of this game. The Titans defense takes chances with the intensity of their linebacker crushing, but there is so much talent in the front 7 that someone usually wins the matchup and plays.

George from North Mankato, Minnesota

Happy Thanksgiving, Wes. We hope you will spend quality time with your family and friends. Before playing the game, I want to point out that I was (unfortunately) accurately evaluating the hardest 3-game stretch of the year. It was certainly a tough trip.

It was. We knew from the beginning that the 2022 schedule would be tight. What I didn’t explain is how strong the teams in that schedule are, especially him NFC East and AFC East. Through 11 weeks, the strength of the Packers’ .589 schedule is his second toughest in the NFL behind Detroit (.612). Well, that’s no excuse. You have to beat the team in front of you, but it’s a tough journey to face the challenge without saying goodbye. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this campaign, it’s that early goodbyes are better than late goodbyes in the NFL today. I’m not afraid of a break in Weeks 6 or 7 as much as I once feared an open day in Week 4 during the 16-game regular season. Packers return to Lambeau Field for Monday Night Football next month By now, the Packers have been out to nearly twice as many games as they have played in their own stadium.

Wait, do the Eagles have a total of 1 player on the injury report this week? How is that possible in the second half of the season? Also, there seems to be an epidemic of illness in the locker room, hopefully nothing serious.

The Eagles injury report took me by surprise.

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