Ingredient Round Up: January 2023

organic pizza

The new organic pea protein option is fully traceable to the farm and offers plant-based food and beverage formulators important features such as improved solubility, viscosity and texture, low sodium and as low as 85% protein. Provides therapeutic and nutritional benefits. Organic Peazazz CTM 850 is extracted by a proprietary membrane filtration process, unlocking superior taste, texture and nutrition while delivering important functional benefits such as improved solubility, viscosity and texture, low sodium and at least 85% protein. and provide nutritional benefits. Merit functional food

new blue

A new, patented formulation technology allows Spirulina extract colorants to remain temperature and acid stable in beverages. Blue Beverage Solution can be used as a clean label replacement for FD&C Blue No. 1 (Brilliant Blue FCF) in most beverage applications. It gives acidic beverages a vibrant turquoise hue and can be combined with other concentrates to create navy blue, violet and green hues. Suitable for a wide range of applications including sports, energy, carbonated drinks, juice drinks, fortified water and alcoholic beverages up to 20% ABV. GNT USAMore

Gluten-Free Starch Goes Native

A gluten-free, clean-label, non-GMO ingredient with high levels of amylopectin, natural waxy tapioca starch acts as an effective stabilizer, thickener and emulsifier. Its versatility allows it to be used in a variety of products including frozen foods such as noodles, dim sum, clear fruit fillings, low-fat dressings, yogurt, baked goods and other applications requiring improved shelf life. America’s staple food

Versatile Sweetener Blend

AjiSweet’s natural sweeteners and blends provide sweetness while enhancing mouthfeel, blocking bitterness and reducing unwanted sweetness lingering while minimizing unpleasant tastes. Applications include beverages, plant-based dairy, yogurt, cereals and bars, baked goods, chewing gum and more. They mask unwanted residual flavors and intensify certain notes. Allows sugar reduction and allows for the development of low calorie products. Extends sweet aftertaste and intensity of sweetness. Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America

Natural, Real Vegan Coconut Flavor

SternCream Vegan is versatile and easy to handle. The extremely high content of coconut milk gives it a natural, authentic coconut flavor and light sweetness. The creamy mouthfeel is especially noticeable in ice creams, pralines, wafer fillings and sweet, hearty snacks. It also improves the consistency of soups, sauces, creams and dips. Thanks to its exceptional fast-acting and flowability, this coconut milk powder dissolves quickly in lukewarm water for a smooth consistency. Unlike coconut flavors and extracts, it is a natural product suitable for labeling, such as coconut cream or coconut milk powder. It is also easier to take and lasts longer than regular coconut milk. Sternchemie GmbH

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