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Since launching food truck SpudBank in May 2022, Stephenie and Laykin Eubank have learned that the good guys finish first and that integrity matters.

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food truck name: Spud Bank

owner: Stephanie and Lakin Eubank

Date of establishment: May 2022

position: Scottsburg, Indiana

How many trucks do you operate under this brand?

Do you also run brink locations under this brand?

How did you come up with the name?
I wanted to incorporate our last names somehow. We considered so many ideas and finally he SpudBank was born. I am happy with the uniqueness of the name. Not many people still know that it is derived from our surname.

What inspired you to start a food truck?
My wife and I have worked in leadership positions for many years. When the pandemic hit, I realized how happy I would be if I could work for myself and spend more time together. We quit work in full force, bought a broken step van, and went to work. After watching a lot of YouTube videos on how to build everything started working properly. It took about two months to make. I knew the worst that could happen was to fail, learn, and try something else. This was the best idea ever.

What’s on the food truck menu? Why did you choose this dish?
Serves potato-based dishes. When choosing this, we wanted to offer something to suit different demographics and different budgets. Why not try hand cut fries and tots too? So I made a meal on top of potatoes.. I put Gouda Mac n Cheese Potatoes, Buffalo Chicken, Chicken Broccoli Alfredo and more. Everything is customizable. Or you can create your own masterpiece and always ‘build yourself’ on your choice of spuds, tots or fries.

Do you make all your food in your truck or use your home kitchen or concession space?
Everything but the chili and sauce is made in the truck!

What’s the best part about being a food truck operator?
Being a food truck owner means you can take pride in what you create and maintain. We do everything ourselves from top to bottom and everything is exactly the way we envisioned it, creating the satisfaction of knowing our customers are always being looked after. I was very disappointed with the reaction when I opened the truck. Our customers are family to us. We treat them like family and they appreciate the effort and love we put into their experience.

What’s the worst part about running a food truck?
The worst part is probably business uncertainty. Stable He’s 9 to He’s 5 Unlike, there will be great days and bad days. It’s up to you whether the rewards this type of business offers are worth it.

What lessons have you learned since launching the truck?
I learned that the good guys can finish first. It’s a highly competitive field, but being a competitive team player and wishing everyone success sets you apart. People will notice your sincerity.

What happens if I do something else first?
The only thing I think we would have done differently is do more research on set up, events, etc. We opened in May and didn’t realize many events were already booked for this year. I did.

Do you have any tips/advice for others thinking about starting a food truck?
My advice is to stay true to yourself. My wife and I didn’t use social media when we started trucking. There is a plain white truck with simple letters. Our design and marketing aren’t “loud” and this isn’t a very expensive build either. We want the food and hospitality to speak for themselves. We relied on good old word of mouth to get our name out there and it worked. It makes more sense when a client is trying to find your track instead of just happen to see it online. People are interested in who we are, not just what we cook.

Do you have any anecdotes about running your food truck? Any unique interactions or special events booked?
It’s only been open since May, but the event that stood out was the suicide prevention event we booked and when we got there we realized that the event was a drag race and a quagmire where revenue goes to cause ! It was so fun! We had front row seats in the food truck. It was such a wonderful group of people who came together for an important issue. Having the privilege of doing that event was unforgettable for us.

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