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Hybrid Work Is Already Having Long Lasting Effects on Hotel Design

Hybrid Work Is Already Having Long Lasting Effects on Hotel Design

Hybrid Work Is Already Having Long Lasting Effects on Hotel Design

Leading hotel architect Tom Ito isn’t just working on the futuristic Atari Hotel, he’s also starting to see new design trends directly related to the pandemic.

Everything hinges on remote and hybrid ways of working, but the world of design is currently moving away from simply turning hotel rooms into makeshift offices.

Gensler architect Ito, who founded and heads the company’s hospitality practice, says hotels today think more about secondary cities and airports.

As more people move out of major cities, more consideration must be given to the design of suburban hotels.While lifestyle hotels are known for their community focus , any facility in the second city needs the same to attract remote workers who fled the big city during the pandemic.

Speaking at Skift’s Design the Future event last December, Ito said, “Hotels have always been thought of as the ‘third place’ outside the office.” You don’t need to, but you do need to be inspired and meet other people outside your room.” “It’s causing a lot of accessibility problems,” he warned.

“You go there for convenience and a place to sleep, but as a community hub, make it a destination-like place and truly embrace it,” he added. “This is what we did downtown Denver International Airport, and we plan to do similar things in other cities, so it will not only be convenient, but it will bring the community and the city together.”

magic kingdom of work

Even more surprising is the emergence of resorts as serious destinations for remote workers. A good example of this is the Walt Disney World Swan Reserve, which he claimed has embraced family travel.

“We do a lot of projects in resorts. Mexico is on fire right now,” he said. “Costa Rica too” resort hybrid work He also shifted to friendly hotels became the most important commodity over time. “We always knew that, so how can we make the most of it,” he added.

Extended-stay product development is also on the rise, with brands (including Marriott with the new Apartments by Marriott Bonvoy) really looking to cater to vacationing guests and combine that with extended stays to offer apartments. “We are working hard,” Ito said. work.

Ito added that hotel designers will have to consider not only guests but also staff in future buildings. Environmental, Social and Corporate As his governance grows in importance, elements of social equity and diversity apply equally to hotel employees.

“Design a space for them so they don’t get stuck in a room in the worst part of the building,” he said. … it has to do with commitment.”

It may even convince those who left hospitality during the pandemic to come back.

But what about the aforementioned Atari Hotel? At last year’s Design the Future event, Ito raved about it. It’s unfortunately not near completion, but the architects are still keen on its ability to blend the real and the meta, and avatars may still play a central role.

“We are still looking for a suitable site location, which is a major commitment from the land side and the acquisition side,” he said.

Supplementary matter

The rate of increase in remote work and mixed travel is accelerating, but it seems companies are not keeping up.

This, according to BCD Travel, warns that there are “flaws” that support future work trends.

More specifically, traditional travel risk management practices have not caught up. According to a Dutch-based corporate travel agency, three-quarters of business travelers say their employers make travelers’ health, safety and security a priority, but when working remotely Only 36% of travelers said their employer unconditionally cares about safety and security. In a recent traveler survey.

Another 25% don’t even know if they have insurance.

The survey of 674 business travelers worldwide at the end of the summer also revealed that 64% of travelers were unsure whether they would be eligible for security and medical support if they extended their leisure trips. became.

Mike Jansen, Global Chief Operating Officer and Chief Commercial Officer of BCD Travel, said: “Today’s duty of care policies must address the realities of a hybrid or work-from-anywhere workforce and changing values ​​around traveler well-being.”

10 Second Corporate Trip Catchup

Who and what Skift has covered in the last two weeks: Abu Dhabi Airport, Airbnb, Expedia, Hilton, IHG, IMS Consulting, KLM, Qantas, Saber, Surf Air.


Advantage expects business travel to return to 75% of 2019 levels this year

of Advantage Travel Partnership expects year-end revenue from business travel to rebound to 56% above 2020 figures and 83% above 2021 figures, but above 75% above 2019 figures. In the company’s new Global Business Travel Review 3.0, he predicts it will be from April 2024 to March 2025 before the full recovery of figures by 2019. However, his average deal value so far this year is $404.44, which is 12.4% higher than his 2019 average. Business trips also topped his 2019 average. In 2019 he has 6.71 days so far, compared to 4.57 days.

Guy Snelgar, Global Business Travel Director for The Advantage Travel Partnership, said: The third edition of the Global Business Travel Review is published by data company Travelogix. This is based on an analysis of his 13.7 million records from January 2019 to his September 30, 2022, which brings his total trading revenue to $9 billion. .

Travel tech company Vibe launches corporate booking tool

British technology company vibe has developed an off-the-shelf booking tool for business travel agencies and companies. This is the company’s first move to a pay-per-transaction model, and the ability to handle complex travel policies, multiple levels of authorization, and multi-channel content means the platform is helping clients drive online adoption. Helpful, he says Vibe. The platform also allows corporate travel agencies to offer leisure travel. For those who don’t want Vibe branding, we offer a more customizable version of the platform, Vibe Corporate Plus.

“This is in direct response to the growing demand from both travel management companies and our in-house corporate teams for off-the-shelf consumer booking technology solutions branded as Vibe or private brands.” – Founder of Vibe and Ecommerce Director Vibe’s clients include Qatar Airways Holidays, Agiito, The Internet Traveler and Cassidy Travel.

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